About TF2Mods.net

TF2Mods.net was founded on August 16, 2010. It was created to facilitate users sharing and creation of custom Team Fortress 2 player assets. Everyone knows that half the fun of any game is modifying it to your liking.

TF2Mods.net will not only exist to host mods the community creates, but will also host community projects like the Medieval Update and the Halloween Update. I will be happy to host any projects that give the community more ways to mod Team Fortress 2.

I have tried my best to give you a simple, uncluttered UI for easier browsing, and uploading of mods. If you feel you can do it better, please send me a quick email and show me how you can improve on what I've created. I am not one to refuse feedback for any reason. Even if you're rude about it :)

While this site costs next to nothing in resources (file sizes are small, and i tried to make the programming as light/quick as possible!), it still needs to be hosted somewhere. Right now it is piggybacking on the graces of the sister site, TF2Maps.net's web server. Go there and say hi and maybe a quick thank you.

If you're shy and prefer to just help with server costs, you can send what you want through TF2Maps.net's donation page.