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Rainbow Dash Energy Drink

Provided by steamcard.me
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The average rating of 72% is based on 25 votes

(18 Thumbs up vs 7 Thumbs Down)
Attempts to FLANK coming up BLANK? Need a little GIDDYUP? Try new RAINBOW DASH high-flying energy drink! You'll be able to DASH past enemy forces in ten seconds flat — then come right back to deliver some My Little PWNAGE!

Don't be fooled by imitators. Try new Rainbow Dash today! From the makers of Bonk! Atomic Punch and Crit-a-Cola. (Warning: May cause insomnia.)

Extract to your /tf/ folder to use. Mod applies same skin to both teams' cans as well as the Bonk Helm and includes backpack icons for both. I gave it a prerelease version number because the original plan was to also reskin his streak effect, and so far nobody I've asked knows how to do that. If you do, PM me on the Steam Forums or TF2Maps.net (I go by stevethepocket).
0.2 - Changed can to a tasteful red-yellow-blue gradient.

0.3 - Added backpack icons for the can and the Bonk Helm courtesy of MLPTF2mods.com.
User Comments
Posted On: 02/18/16
Posted On: 06/06/12
Posted On: 05/10/12
Posted On: 09/08/11
Great show, great fan-content
Can't get any better, I tell you.
Posted On: 08/05/11
The horrible puns in the Description hurt to read, but the skin itself needs team colors.
I'm not a "brony" or a "hater" or even a "h8r lolololol u mad?????"
Posted On: 08/04/11
i like it
Posted On: 07/18/11
Awesome! goes great with the rest of my rainbow dash scout items, good job
Posted On: 07/16/11
Dosh energy drink
Posted On: 07/14/11
@Axquirix The Ambassador has rosewood handles for both teams. Of course, my point could be immediately moot by the fact that that part's mostly covered by the Spy's hand...

The design of the drinks tend to work by communicating though use of colour rather than silhouette. I think that the rainbow was positioned in such a way that it would divide the colours into 1/3 sections of blue, rainbow band, blue, making specific team colours may be unnecessary.

But that last paragraph was just some designer filibuster who's never made a TF2 weapon skin, so I might be completely wrong and out of my depth here.
Posted On: 07/11/11
It's good, but not enough to replace my Powerthirst bonk.
Posted On: 06/09/11
The only problem I have with this is that the drink's gonna be blue for both BLU and RED. Could you possibly make a set with this for BLU and a Pinkie Pie equivelant for RED?
...or teach me how to reskin. I'd love to learn.
And then maybe a Twilight Sparkle Magical Damage Amplifier Potion (Crit-a-Cola)

@Flare: because it's awesome. I cannot explain why, just watch one episode and you'll know.
Posted On: 04/08/11
Heres all you need to know:

Looks nice, however I would prefer it if you did a team coloured version, maybe if you changed the can colour or something.
Posted On: 04/08/11
but why is there this massive pony craze?
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