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Mod Details

The Curse Of Vlad Tepes

Provided by steamcard.me
1.26 MB
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It work as a remplacement for the Ambassador. If somes peoples ask I will make it for L'étranger/Revolver (or both).

This is the Night 04 of my laevatein spy pack.

The name is a reference to a Remilia's Scarlet Spellcard but also to "Vlad Tepes" alias "Dracula". The Vampire Lord.

As usual, feel free to comment, ask, and suggest the upcoming stuff.
User Comments
Posted On: 07/11/11
Love this gun, currently have it replacing my L'etranger.

Curious question though, I notice you don't have The Flowering Night knives that you did on here...any chance they'll show up with possibly a replacement version for The Big Earner?
Posted On: 03/15/11
i like this skin!

can u make revolver one?
Posted On: 03/12/11
This is an amazing skin, however I'd prefer to have a version with the same amount of cylinder casings as there are bullets per...eh..."clip".

Though I really like the idea/design of the 3 bullet cylinder, this would make an amazing release for the spy if you haven't already submitted to Contribute.
Posted On: 03/12/11
Well. I thought of something powerful and accurate while modeling it. And reducing the number of bullet could be a kind of proof of the power of this weapon.

"Three bullets are enough" .3

That's an artistic decision I guess.
Posted On: 03/12/11
I like this gun a lot and I will personally be using it. I am wondering, however, at why there are three bullets in the cylinder. Is there a reason for it?
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