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The average rating of 95% is based on 20 votes

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Replacement for any minigun. Animated firing sequence. Sound included.
Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=229667173
Meet Ekaterina

Video demonstration 1

Video demonstration 2
User Comments
Posted On: 08/07/14
Posted On: 04/16/14
This is awesome but i have a problem, i've put the files (sounds and model) for the minigun and natasha and it have missing texture, is shows the model but not the texture.
any help?
Posted On: 03/07/14
Kel wrote: "About Killstreak: the sheens works perfectly, although I didn't guessed to screenshot it too."
Here is a screenshot of a Teamshine (RED) weapon sheen on an Ekaterina.
Not the best, sorry, but it popped up on my Friend Activity, so I thought I'd share.
Posted On: 02/19/14
Let me try...

Well, festive lights looks quite funny, clipping through in some places and lights spinning crazily over covered barrel.
Looks fairly acceptable to me.

About Killstreak: the sheens works perfectly, although I didn't guessed to screenshot it too.

Posted On: 02/19/14
i meant i have no idea what files the game refers to for festive variants so i have no clue what to replace, nor how to code them. same goes for killstreak and australium variants. have you tried equipping festive versions with the relevant model vpk installed? i'm curious if it would simply just work like that.
Posted On: 02/19/14
You know, add a festive lights all over it.

Also I didn't check the texture on both teams, I totally did not notice you need to put that too. =P
Posted On: 02/19/14
i have no idea how to make it festive.

also you were right about the texture. team blue had a typo so that was missing. the fix is now uploaded.
Posted On: 02/19/14
But kill icon is right in Steam Workshop!


Can you please add a Festive variant?

I'll donate greatly if you do.
Posted On: 02/18/14
and no kill icons, i don't want to override anybody else's work (which would happen, that's just how killicons are set up)
Posted On: 02/18/14
textures are in a separate vpk. you need to pick one. this is due to having multiple skins to choose from.
Posted On: 02/18/14
Looks cool and backpack icon is nice but...

Textures are missing.

And would you kindly add a kill icon?
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