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English Sniper VO

Provided by steamcard.me
84.95 MB
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The average rating of 67% is based on 3 votes

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Just a small dream of mine finally come true, not trying to be better than the original.

Replaces the Sniper's VO with my own voice, in better quality than you'd think from the video.

Slight warning for one of two swearing Domination lines.

Version 1.0: 99% of lines covered, though the Payload Cart Lines have not been modded. Slightly quiet, to be addressed in Version 2.0.

Install: Move sounds folder to Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom/my_custom_stuff
User Comments
Posted On: 01/10/15
Will be convinced if you speak the "Meet The Sniper" Sketch again.
Posted On: 08/26/14
Could you make one for the engie? pls c;
Posted On: 03/03/14
In the french version of the game, the spy is British.
Do you think you could do something like this for the spy?
Or if one has already been made, could someone send me the link to it.
Normally I would just rename the file, but some of the lines do not fit the spy very well.
Thank you for your time.
Posted On: 12/19/13
Mc Rex

Thanks for your critque. I shall try to give a more emotional output in version 2 :)

The original 'joke' i guess what that i'm English and thus have a 'Stiff upper lip' but on reflection, yes i agree with you.

Audio needs to be sorted out anyway.
Posted On: 12/17/13
Very poorly done, the voice has no emotion.

If you were on fire would you be saying "ah, ah hot!"?

No, you'd scream for your life "I'm on fire!" so that a pyro would come save you.

Try staying true to his original lines.
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