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The Payoff

Provided by steamcard.me
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The average rating of 86% is based on 14 votes

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Replaces the Babyface Blaster
User Comments
Posted On: 11/29/14
Yeah for some reason it refuses to work
Posted On: 01/21/14
Doesn't seem to be working, I put the VPK into my custom folder, yet the BFB remains the same.
Posted On: 12/15/13
What happened with the smaller version that you have on the workshop? Could we get that as a shortstop skin?
Posted On: 11/29/13
@RetroMike: I think I can make it work; although it will be the ordinary way, not the one Rex described. You might wanna check out Gamebanana or TF2Mods.net next weekend. I'll do it over the time of this week.
Posted On: 11/29/13
There Is a way you can do it for the scattergun, but I can never get it to work.

Use $includemodel in the qc to reference to the original scattergun .mdl for animations.

Something like $includemodel "v_scattergun_animations.mdl", once you get the v_scattergun.mdl and rename it to v_scattergun_animations.mdl or whatever you like.

$includemodel will not work in a qc that has $sequence in it, so don't put any sequences in the compile.

Not even an idle one.
Posted On: 11/24/13
Pit, every time I try to mod the scatter gun it goes haywire. I may need to find someone else to take care of it. There must be something I'm doing wrong.
Posted On: 11/24/13
I like it,i love it IT SO AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted On: 11/24/13
Why cant it replace scattergun?
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