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Scout's Ninja Blade

Provided by steamcard.me
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A ninja blade for the scout. This replaces one of the Three-Rune Blade, Boston Basher or the regular bat.

Workshop Page
- Default weapon sounds are replaced with Half-Zatoichi sounds now. Also, the texture is improved a little.
User Comments
Posted On: 08/23/13
EmAr; To make it replace something,you have to rename the model files to the weapon you want to replace.

Here is a list:
v_bat= Stock default bat (I am not sure if you need to make a w_model)
c_boston_basher= Boston Basher
c_scout_sword= Three rune blade
c_wooden_bat= Sandman
c_candy_cane= Candy Cane

You place the "c_" bats into this: models>weapons>c_models but for v_bat (stock) you put it in: models>weapons>v_models (Not sure if you need w_models)

Btw; w_models=World models (Third person etc.) v_models= View models (First person) c_models=Custom models (replaces the weapon.).

Anyways...great work! You've done an amazing job.

Oh yeah,mind if I can upload this onto gamebanana? Thanks.
Posted On: 08/22/13
I would say, yes this is epic but... It replaces nothing
Posted On: 08/22/13
if you manage to make it replace an item, make one of them the bat
Posted On: 08/22/13
Chuck Molesta, this will be updated as soon as I figure out how to make it replace an item. Thank you for pointing that out.
Posted On: 08/22/13
You should probably have it replace something.
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