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Mod Details

The Silent Assassin (VPK FIX)

Provided by steamcard.me
3.03 MB
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The average rating of 100% is based on 14 votes

(14 Thumbs up vs 0 Thumbs Down)
I tried contacting the original maker, but he/she blocked me. I take no credit in this mod, and I only upload this to help others who wish to use this mod.
To install this mod, place the file inside the .rar @
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom

Original description:
Tired of the same old boring revolver? Looking for something that says "I like holding a long, hard phallic object in my hands"? Want a sexy gun to balance out all the realism of dead rabbit heads and magical glowing ponytails? Then search no further, this is The Silent Assassin.

A more appropriate name of course, would be "The Hastily Cobbled-Together Silver Ballin' Overcompensating Handgun of Blinged-out Shininess". Originally a cardboard scrunchie, it now includes ejecting shells, a world model, backpack icons and full custom sounds. Get lucky and you might actually fire the special armor-piercing crit round. Hint: Aim away from face.

Key Authors
Doktor Haus - porting, hacking, shell animations, sound mixing

Original Authors
Snark - model
Iceman - mesh, original skin
Enin - skin edit
!NC!Furious - ref, reskin, CSS compile
ManTuna - edits, sound fix
The_Fanciest_of_Pants - animations, rig
Strelok - reload sounds

Special Thanks
HellJumper - help with texture glitch

Feel free to use this in any way you want, just make sure to credit the authors of whichever components you use.
User Comments
Posted On: 12/20/14
when i try to download it launchs my gmod for some reason
Posted On: 04/06/14
EPIC, da best thing i have ever seen, thx dude!
Posted On: 03/21/14
how do I make the mod work? sorry im new.
Posted On: 03/21/14
I downloaded the mod,draged it where it belongs,and It works fine,but somehow the is no Third person model,there is a hud and first person model,but it's just invisible in third person when I spectate,What's the problem here?
Posted On: 02/14/14
Posted On: 12/12/13
Posted On: 07/11/13
Too amazing.
Posted On: 06/27/13
i really like this mod,but the lack of idle animation gets on my nerves for some reason. not a deal breaker, but it kinda gets to me.
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