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Mod Details

Female Spy

Provided by steamcard.me
33.97 MB
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The average rating of 93% is based on 110 votes

(102 Thumbs up vs 8 Thumbs Down)
Female Spy by Shaylyn Hamm (Chemical Alia) - http://chemicalalia.deviantart.com/
Voice pack by DustyOldRoses - http://www.youtube.com/user/DustyOldRoses
To install the mod:

Step 1:
Extract the contents of this zipped file into your TF folder. (steam/steamapps/your_user_name/team fortress 2/tf/)

Step 2:
That's it. It's installed!

To remove the mod:

Delete or remove the content found here into another folder. Removing the model, textures, HUD/menu and sound files from the directories they are installed in disables them.


This mod works best on sv_pure 0 servers.

As of this release, the most current version of TF2 crashes upon disconnect or server switch when custom content is used in pure serverse.

I recommend avoiding sv_pure 1 servers when using this mod until the problem is resolved. (Hopefully soon!)


email: chemicalalia@gmail.com
Steam: ChemicalAlia

Female Spy
Version 1.0

Known issues:

- Trouble playing domination/revenge/killing spree audio lines
- Minor medal position fix needed
- Minor clipping of legs through coat
- Crash of hl2.exe upon disconnect/server change on sv_pure 1 servers (seems to be an issue with custom models in general)
Female Spy Version 1.1
20 Feb 11


- Fixed disguise masks not swapping to different classes
- New female Spy enemy disguise mask
- Fixed broken hat positions (was using older hat files)
- Adjusted shininess of different materials using specular masks
- Improved clipping problem of left leg through coat in the back while running (still working on it, testing takes a long time)
- Model now has several LODs (could use more optimization)

User Comments
Posted On: 10/17/16
the thing is that idk how to install Mods XD
Posted On: 05/05/13
Posted On: 02/11/13
Good job 10/10
Posted On: 10/30/12
aww it doesnt work i whas downloading it bud it fails all the time
Posted On: 08/22/12
Pefect To Me So Now I Can Play As A Female Spies
Posted On: 08/03/12
hahaha its cool
Posted On: 10/20/11
She's partly invisible on the loadout screen, and in character select. Pretty good, though! Excellent voice-acting!

Posted On: 09/25/11
she is inviseble when i play spy
Posted On: 09/19/11
nice1 looking forward for u mods
they are awesome
Posted On: 08/31/11
Do players see your skin?
Posted On: 08/19/11
I don't know why, but it makes my game crash.
Posted On: 06/30/11
I don't really like this...
Sorry, Chemical Alia, but for me it... it just doesn't fit the Spy.
Posted On: 06/02/11
work on more, your very good.
Posted On: 04/08/11
I hope this eventually gets implemented in the game, it would be a good play from Valve.
Posted On: 03/13/11
Heh this is pretty cool
Posted On: 03/13/11
pretty cool
Posted On: 02/17/11
Saw that you released this on DA.
You make the best mods in the universe.
Posted On: 02/16/11
One of the greatest player modders I've seen, combined with the best amateur voice acting I've heard!

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