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The Two-Hand Cannon V2

Provided by steamcard.me
11.75 MB
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The average rating of 95% is based on 93 votes

(88 Thumbs up vs 5 Thumbs Down)
EDIT: Looks like I forgot about TF2mods. here's the Halloween fix

"EDIT: I FINALLY fixed this thing, and I even gave it some kill icons. so I hope you appreciate this. I was drunk when I made it.

"I can tell you with no ego that this is my finest scattergun. If on your journey you should encounter Saxton Hale, he will be cut"

Hello! I've decided to release v2 of The Two hand Cannon. I'm very happy with how this thing has turned out :)!

The Two Hand Cannon v2 features a new model and texture, improved phong lighting, Botkiller support, and Festive support.

I'll just let the video and screenshots speak for themselves.

A couple of issues:

1: There is a blending issue when the scout is runnng. I cannot figure out how to fix this to save my life. Sorry =\. If anybody wants to try to fix it themselves I'll be posting the source files to all of my work soon.

2: Becuase the scattergun shares the same animations with the Baby Face's Blaster, the BFb gets broken.

In leiu of these 2 issues. I've included a version of this mod the runs on default animations.

Installing either of them is simple! Just extracty two_hand_cannon.zip and follow the instructions inside. SteamPipe is making skinning a lot better :).

Also please let me know if Gold, Diamond, and Rust Bottkillers are working properly. I never got a chance to test them In-game. I'm too poor to aford them ;_;


User Comments
Posted On: 10/09/15
i don t think this work
Posted On: 03/27/15
can you make a vpk version
Posted On: 03/10/15
how to download this?

Posted On: 09/15/14
@Paradox I found out how to do it
Posted On: 09/04/14
To the guy below me: Make it a VPK yourself, it's incredibly easy. Just go to your Steam Folder (Probably already know the path to it, since you're modding tf2 already but just for clarity) > SteamApps > common > TeamFortress 2 > bin and find the executable named "vpk.exe". Simply make a shortcut of that to the desktop, and drag and drop the Two Handed Cannon folder onto the icon. Voila! VPK.
Posted On: 08/26/14
make this vpk and you'll get my thumbs up
Posted On: 01/12/14
Could you make the same model for the Baby Face Blaster? I like how the scattergun normally looks, but not the Blaster...
Posted On: 11/07/13
The gamebanana release has a fix. Assuming he forgot to update this one.
Posted On: 11/07/13
Guys, to fix the invis scout model, just use the version with the default anims.
Posted On: 09/15/13
I love the mod, but due to the July 10th update, using this mod makes the Scout invisible. If you can, can you fix this mod?
Posted On: 09/01/13
I'd love to use this, but it turns all scouts invisible...
Posted On: 08/23/13
Uh all the scouts in the game are invisible to me now.
Posted On: 06/24/13
Y'mean the viewmodel isn't working? Try redownloading it and/or playing on a different server
Posted On: 06/22/13
it only comes up with a pic of my scout holding it and when i come to use it it is just a normal scattergun
Posted On: 05/15/13
xsniperboltdu33x Qu'est-ce que tu veux dire? C'est juste une texture qui remplace ton model du fusil du Scout. Ca ne change rien par rapport au jeu.
Posted On: 05/05/13
(car l'arme a 6 balles)
Posted On: 05/05/13
pouvez vous m'aidez car ont peut se connectez sur des serveur avec l'arme ,alors je voudrez savoir si c'est du cheat de jouez du des serveur avec?
Posted On: 05/03/13
I hate the invisible arm at the end when you reload! CAN YOU FIX THAT?!
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