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Glasgow Grinner

Provided by steamcard.me
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The average rating of 75% is based on 4 votes

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Replaces the Scottish Handshake.
Texture by Blåholtzen.

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User Comments
Posted On: 09/08/13
I can honestly say that I tried this weapon. My opnion: I love it to heaven and fear it to the bloody brim!

I mean, he's a drunk scotsman, he drinks out of empty bottle's, pans and sticks, can you see him to drink the knife when he is about to stab himself in this own mouth and skull? (If you do the drinking taunt, you will see what i mean)

Besides, the bottle is a blunt weapon, with the heavy part swinging down, but if you have a have a blade pointing downwards, l do think you will hit less the enemy, and more yourself, in the stomach.
(Just swing the knife a few times in FPMode, and will see that you are *sort of* stabbing yourself)

Remeber, knifes are very deadly and extremly great to kill your enemy's! (unless your drunk)

TL:DR version
Awesome skin l love it, but the animation are not the best suited with the knife.
Posted On: 04/23/13
Can you make it replace the bottle? I keep trying to find a bottle reskin.
Posted On: 04/23/13
nice work, as usual... but wouldn't demo's world animations make it look like he is punching you while holding the knife?
Posted On: 04/23/13
Can i just say that i love you and i would kiss you
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