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Mod Details

The Enforcer

Provided by steamcard.me
1.75 MB
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A snub-nosed revolver for Spy. Part of my Bloody Valentine Pack.

Replaces the Ambassador, L'Etranger, or Big Kill.
Version 1.0: Initial Release

Version 1.1: Minor update to the VMT file to fix a cloaking issue.
User Comments
Posted On: 01/30/12
congrats man
Posted On: 06/24/11
Nice job getting this and your knife in-game!
Posted On: 06/21/11
Lol, this has been my ambassador model for the longest time, I even made a texture to make it personal. What am I gonna do with my ambassador now xD

Congrats though!
Posted On: 06/21/11
Congrats on valve making this official! :3
Posted On: 06/21/11
Damn Ritz, that's another one! :)
Posted On: 06/21/11
Contrats on making it in Ritz :)
Posted On: 02/17/11
For some reason it's still not cloaking for me, I downloaded the update and removed all the old files before replacing them.
Posted On: 02/16/11
I like it but the gun is a bit too small , but Im not going to take that against you as that was kind of the point of the gun (having read your emporium posts and all). Fantastic model and does not clash with the l'etranger which I expected to happen.
Posted On: 02/15/11
Excellent skin, not sure if this is an issue with all versions, but the L'Etranger version does not cloak properly.

...I'm also not sure if this is a problem with the vmt file or something with my system, because I checked it and the code seems right to me. Though other spy weapon skins I have cloak properly, so I'm not sure.
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