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Mod Details

The Thousand-Yarder

Provided by steamcard.me
1.41 MB
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The average rating of 93% is based on 27 votes

(25 Thumbs up vs 2 Thumbs Down)
A sniper rifle based on the Lee-Enfield.

The scope looks 'reversed' because of the exaggerated shape made to fit TF2, based on an existing Enfield scope.
v1.2 - Fixed default rifle replacement and switched to VPK mod format.
v1.1 - Added a stock rifle replacement.
User Comments
Posted On: 06/30/15
Hey guys, I fixed the stock rifle issue, sorry I haven't responded before now, haven't looked at the page for a while.
Posted On: 04/12/14
it isn't working for me, I've copied all of the correct folders into the right place, but my sniper doesn't change, please help!
Posted On: 03/07/14
I install it properly, but its not working when I play the game! any chance you could make this into a .VPK file?
Posted On: 01/31/14
Could you please update it? Animations are broken since last Scream Fortress.
Posted On: 06/22/13
The viewmodel for the Default Rifle is not working.
Posted On: 03/23/13
Icons for the weapon(s) can be found HERE.
Posted On: 03/23/13
The download link should be giving you the updated 1.1 zip. You should see a "Default Rifle" folder in "models_replacement" folder.
Posted On: 03/23/13
Where can I find the 1.1 version?
Posted On: 03/13/13
this pack need a mele weapon .....
Posted On: 03/13/13
Alright, default rifle replacement added.
Posted On: 03/12/13
good think i have flamingo kid..... that hat is mine
Posted On: 03/12/13
can you do the replacemant for defuald sniper rifle......
Posted On: 03/10/13
It's..it's beautiful man.

Any chance of a backpack icon? Please?
Posted On: 03/10/13
Ploopy, due to the outdated and technically-tedious way the default weapons are implemented, it takes a lot more time to create a replacement skin. I'll probably end up adding a replacement for default as well, am just busy with plenty of stuff.
Posted On: 03/09/13
This is the BEST sniper rifle I have ever seen! Good Job! You should also post this on the workshop.
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