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Animal Crossing TF2 Sound Mod Pack

Provided by steamcard.me
23.16 MB
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Quite possibly some of the most unfitting sound mods for Team Fortress 2.

Ever find yourself sitting around and playing TF2, and all of a sudden find yourself saying to yourself "Gee, I sure miss playing Animal Crossing."? Don't even think about busting out your GameCube/DS/Wii, instead, install this sound pack from the comfort of your computer and slaughter your enemies with the sound of nostalgia (even though the GameCube version was released 11 years ago and Wild World was released 8 years ago and City Folk was released 5 years ago.)


Contains the following:
Animal Crossing Gamecube Rain Ambience Sound Mod
Replaces the rain ambience (e.g. in Sawmill) with the rain music from Animal Crossing for GameCube.

K.K. Slider Dispenser Radio Sound Mod
Replaces the dispenser sound with K.K. Love Song (it loops too!) NOTE: Multiple dispensers will get annoying.

AC:WW & AC:CF 8AM Snow Ambience Music Mod
Replaces the snow ambience sound in kaps such as coldfront and viaduct with the 8AM snow music from Animal Crossing: Wild World and City Folk.

Boston Boom-Bringer K.K. Slider Aircheck Song Sound mod
Replaces the sounds made when the Scout taunts with a BBB equipped with short 3-second clips of K.K.'s many hits, including Rockin' K.K., K.K. Soul, K.K. Rock and K.K. Swing.
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User Comments
Posted On: 04/14/13
Probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I don't understand why this works since it's so unfitting, but it just does so well! Can't really say anything bad about this.
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