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Mod Details

Big Kill (Replaces the Ambassador)

Provided by steamcard.me
0.2 MB
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The average rating of 70% is based on 20 votes

(14 Thumbs up vs 6 Thumbs Down)
You sir, you want to have the Big Kill, but you only have the ambassador. Don't fear,as you can now replace your Ambassador with it
Extract to tf/models/weapons.
User Comments
Posted On: 10/11/15
Oh My Gosh Its Already In Game And It Works! :I
Posted On: 10/10/15
this crap doesnt work >:(
Posted On: 12/13/13
This has been said a bazillion times, but you have to put the materials/models folders from the download into another folder which you can either just put in tf>custom or turn into a vpk. To turn it into a vpk you have to go to team fortress 2>bin where you'll probably find a thing called vpk.exe that you should drag the folder with the things into. Now there should be a vpk file with the same name as the folder you dragged into vpk.exe
Posted On: 12/12/13
I did go to Google and it did not help me.
Posted On: 12/12/13
there's a new cool site called Google
Posted On: 12/11/13
Send me a friend request if you know how!
Posted On: 12/11/13
How do you install it?
Posted On: 11/26/11
Did you even check a tutorial?This is a SKIN,not a mod.
Posted On: 08/04/11
i dont how to install the mod
Posted On: 04/30/11
Always wanted the Big Kill. And now I can afford it. :)
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