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Raiding Aid

Provided by steamcard.me
4.36 MB
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The average rating of 100% is based on 33 votes

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Replaces shotguns.

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User Comments
Posted On: 08/30/14
So I absolutely love this model, but when reloading and switching weapons there is a yellow ring polygon that drops down from the top the screen:

Example reloading: http://i.imgur.com/2MHHKf0.jpg
Example during weapon switch: http://i.imgur.com/d6WpKKx.jpg

Is it possible to fix these?
Posted On: 03/21/14
Cool mod. But could you make shells ejecting from the proper site?
Posted On: 11/14/13
I love Svdl's mods, they are always sexy as hell
Posted On: 08/26/13
this is so cool but dude make all your items vpk
Posted On: 08/20/13
Hey, this is a great skin and all but...When i use it, its world models don't work for Pyro. But it does work for Soldier, and im using the Reserve Shooter replacement.
Posted On: 08/11/13
I am so exited to use it I just downloaded it
Posted On: 05/04/13
its not working*
Posted On: 05/04/13
it wont work
Posted On: 03/10/13
like call of duty world at war shotgun
Posted On: 03/04/13
its good i like it :D good work bro
Posted On: 02/01/13
Awesome, thanks man. (Could not qoute until I've made 10 posts because you had a link in it. I never write on this site, I don't know why but, meh)
Improvements on the skin itself (even if it's already awesome)
The heatholes (or whatever the name is) on the top of the shotgun doesn't show, sometimes it just shows a tiny bit but it doesn't look anything like on the world-model.
The muzzleflash is just a little bit too low from the pipe.
The wood to the metal looks a little bit edgy and could be smoothed out.
The screws on the gun looks really low-res. The gun itself could be a little more high-res but the screws kinda look terrible.
Now, you may ask who I am to judge skins like this. But I've been playing counter strike source for so many years, having skins for EVERYTHING, with all kinds of skin packs with themes or just good mixes. And cause of all the skins I've had in CSS I'm an perfectionist.
If the game DOES get added into the game, why not just make it even better than it already is? Why not make it the most beatiful weapon in the game?
Posted On: 01/23/13
I already fapped to it.
Posted On: 01/08/13
Can I fap to this?
Posted On: 01/03/13
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