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PayDay:The Heist Styled Spies

Provided by steamcard.me
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Hi guys, I'm a new member here. I used to be in gamebanana.com but I moved here because it's much better here. It's great to be new. Away from very annoying punks, so here it is! PayDay:The Heist Styled Spies from gamebanana.com I made this originally but I just wanted to submit it here. The people back in gamebanana.com were really rude so I came here instead.

Your's Faithfully,
Pinkie Diane Pie

P.S: Some of them put swears in them, not being such nice people. But anyways I don't think you guys like it either so I would try to edit it. Some guy said "This skin is BAD AS FUCK" That's why I always hated them.
User Comments
Posted On: 01/14/13
This place isn't as active as Gamebanana, I'd suggest you go back.

And if you left because no one likes it, you could always try making it better.
Posted On: 01/02/13
"...he suit looks like a simple hue change and the "masks" look like facepaint. You might want to either learn how to model and model him a proper mask..."

"In the real Payday, the robbers all have different colored suits. Since both spies have black suits, it's impossible to tell which team he's on without looking at the face, which is pretty hard."

"Its better than v1, but its still not good. Just keep on trying. Also, posting it in the WIP (Work in progress) section instead of releasing it would be a good idea."

"It's better now, but still you need to improve it more."

"Suite looks okay, but the masks look like facepaint."

"just like your other skins , you have good and creative ideas , but you don't know how to make them correctily..."


Posted On: 01/02/13
Are you serious now? Wow they are not going to give you any different feedback if you continue doing this. You might be offended somehow, but you called us "punks" and now WE are offended. And we did nothing to you. Anyway, happy new year, peace out.
Posted On: 01/02/13
Rly? You think they are good. Ok then believe it that way. I read everything they wrote, which were very bad sometimes and rly I can't do anything about it. By the way, what is MS paint, people keep saying that. I use paint.net and that's what I do. I also go to deviantart.com which was where I painted stuff. How ever people don't seem to even see them and maybe I should stop uploading random shit onto the internet, that certainly would help. So ummmmm I think I'll be off! Bye dudes. Believe what you think.

Yours Sincerely,
Pinkie Diane Pie

P.S: Keep on thinking about what you think!

P.S.S: I am such a bad skinner, :(

P.S.S.S: I don't think anyone likes me, my friends are even horrible to me, I don't think I'll have any perfect friend or even no friends. :-(

P.S.S.S.S: I'm not gonna write anymore... :/
Posted On: 01/02/13
cant believe you actually tough people in here would thing this skin was good.
Posted On: 01/02/13
Those people on GameBanana were not being rude, they were merely giving feedback. You seem to blow every comment that crticized your work out of proportion. You have good ideas, but you should really look into modeling. The spy looks like he went to a fair and got a face paint.
Posted On: 01/02/13
Dude, Gamebananers can use tf2mods.net also. The people you call "annoying punks" were actually giving feedback, and you were the only one judging yourself and not reading. The only cool skin you made was the Scout Terrorist one, but you removed it and moved it here, which wasn't smart. Nobody was being rude, you were being rude to them.
Posted On: 01/01/13
You are not going to get any better feedback by just moving your skins here.
Posted On: 12/31/12
This is dreadful. Seriously, it looks like you just went into ms paint and vomited a bunch of random colors on to the spies facial texture.
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