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Mod Details

The Reserve Shooter

Provided by steamcard.me
3.82 MB
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The average rating of 100% is based on 9 votes

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Re-released and updated for the new site!

Mod Details

  • Installation instructions included in the ReadMe file

  • Replaces the Shotgun for all classes

  • Includes backpack icons

  • Includes LOD models (new!)

About this model
It's a complete rebuild of part of my Polycount contest entry (model of the same name), and I'm much happier with it. The design incorporates features from a couple of different guns, namely the BAR, the Winchester 1897 trench gun, and the Remington 870 trench gun. I did a fake update page for the pack back when I originally released this, if you like that sort of thing.
User Comments
Posted On: 04/25/15
how do i download it
Posted On: 11/08/12
now heavy and engi have there own now SWEET!
Posted On: 01/30/12
congrats man
Posted On: 06/24/11
VERY nice job getting this in game. My favorite soldier weapon of all time. It's even better than your Liberty rocket launcher :D
Posted On: 06/22/11
Congrats on getting your stuff in-game!
Posted On: 05/03/11
Attempting to fix the old design is exactly what led to me ditching it entirely. In the context of the pack it didn\'t have enough character to tie it in and in general I just don\'t like the design anymore.

Bottom line: I\'m not publicly releasing work of mine that I\'m not happy with, regardless of how many other people like/request it, it would feel the same to me as releasing something half-finished. Other people are free to explore the old design if they really want to, I don\'t have a problem with that.
Posted On: 04/30/11
Could you try to fix and upload the original model? It was more unique.
Posted On: 03/02/11
@Kaktus: Aside from the fact that these days I loathe it, the old model has a load of obvious clipping issues that would make it unsuitable as a mod.
Posted On: 02/28/11
im agree katus
Posted On: 02/27/11
Hello , could you make a shotgun model from polycount contest ''The Reserve Shooter'' for all clases ? This skin is awesome too , but ''The Reserve Shooter'' is better =]
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