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The Mine Layer

Provided by steamcard.me
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The average rating of 97% is based on 31 votes

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Replaces the Scottish Resistance model.

Now includes custom Mine model.
01/03/2011 - I've included the Mine model with the weapon. This is optional and it you don't want to use it delete the files 'models\weapons\w_models\w_stickybomb_d.mdl/vtx/vvd/phy'. It is a disc shaped bomb and won't stick adjacent to any flat surface.
User Comments
Posted On: 10/11/15
Thanks for sharing my fixed version :D

Posted On: 10/10/15
There is a fixed version for this: http://tf2.gamebanana.com/skins/142715
Posted On: 01/02/13
I have some stat ideas too!

+20 Damage vs. Players
+Explodes when an enemy gets near
-Cannot be exploded manually.
Posted On: 11/15/11
Posted On: 10/24/11
this definately needs to make it into tf2. the demoman needs more demolitions wepons
Posted On: 07/23/11
@(LPG)The Omega Pyro: I'm liking those stats, but random mini-crits sound a little odd.
Posted On: 07/19/11
improved stats

-3 Clip
20% more damage
Sets off on touch
Can only be placed on floor
random mini crits.
Posted On: 07/19/11
if he does'nt, im contributing it for him, all credits to him!
Posted On: 06/24/11
thrumz up and contribute dis to valve yesh yesh yesh
Posted On: 06/18/11
I agree with everyone when they say you should contribute this to Valve. It looks really good.
Posted On: 06/03/11
@The Omega Pyro: Yeah! Those stats are pretty awesome! I wouldn't say perfect because it hasn't been tested properly and tuned for balancing, but it would still be awesome to see it happen!
Posted On: 06/02/11
this is should be made official with stats....like these maybe

-5 Clip
20% more damage
Sets off on touch
Can only be placed on floor
Posted On: 05/23/11
I love the attention to detail on this one.
Posted On: 03/23/11
The Demoman needs more weapons that make him what he is - a demolitions man.
He already does a great job with his current weapons, but I'm all for him having new explosive weaponry, and new ways for him to deny areas from his enemy.
Hope you sent it to valve.
Posted On: 02/28/11
i love this :)
Posted On: 02/04/11
nice job
Posted On: 01/31/11
No it doesn't, but I did make some for it. I didn't include them because they don't work or look right with the existing method of deploying them.
Posted On: 01/31/11
does this change the stickies too?
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