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Mod Details

The Atom Launcher

Provided by steamcard.me
1.81 MB
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The average rating of 95% is based on 21 votes

(20 Thumbs up vs 1 Thumbs Down)
Replaces various rocket launchers.

If you like the item and would like to see it officially added ingame please show your support in the steam workshop, rate fave and maybe comment to show Valve how much you want it!

Go ahead: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=90384379

Thanks for you support!
User Comments
Posted On: 10/19/15
#brando say :
its called the airstrike and its added to THE GAME

Let's explain you some reason that mod exist you st*pid 7 years old enragement child !

Before being added in game, the weapon was in the workshop and was not in game... the creator was forced to make a mod for it, like this weapon....
In the game, the weapon is shit...this is why poeple take this mod...
How you learn something stupid 7 years old enragement child !
Posted On: 07/19/14
like the reference to dr strangelove on the workshop of this.
Posted On: 07/05/14
Congrats for adding this weapon in the game!
Posted On: 07/01/14
its called the airstrike and its added to THE GAME
Posted On: 11/15/13
if only there was a website on the internet where you could search for stuff and figure out how stuff works

Posted On: 11/15/13
can you make it on vpk or make a video tutorial please? im pretty bad at installing this stuff
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