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The Beta Muzzleflash

Provided by steamcard.me
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The actual model restored via CTX scripts!

Last updated 8/31/11. Check the changelog in the RAR file for more detailed information on updates.

Currently, the minigun has no beta muzzleflash(as at the current moment, getting it to work with the Minigun seems impossible), however, all other weapons in the game do. It even animates on rapid firing weapons!

This method of restoring the muzzleflash was originally discovered by FPSBa- GameBanana user "wwwaffles321" and I simply edited it to work with more weapons and tweaked it so that it animates on rapid firing weapons.

I need all the help I could possibly get on this, however. I am NOT good at scripting, so it'd be nice if I could get some help(maybe find out if it's possible to restore the Minigun's beta muzzleflash).
User Comments
Posted On: 02/19/14
Nice, but....where do you put all the stuff?
Posted On: 07/28/13
First comment of 2013! Heh, ah, ok.....
Posted On: 09/11/11
It's great, Although the heavy and sentry muzzle flashes don't work :\
Posted On: 07/29/11
I bet somewhere there's someone willing to fix the Minigun and sentry to work with this.
Posted On: 05/29/11
At first I thought it looked silly,
but actually, this is a really cool idea!
Posted On: 02/02/11
How come I can't see any script on the front page?
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