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Mod Details

Coilgun 'Laika II'

Provided by steamcard.me
5.48 MB
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The average rating of 92% is based on 24 votes

(22 Thumbs up vs 2 Thumbs Down)
Heavy got his big, fat hands on a prototype Soviet space gun to take the boolet to the final frontier. Codenamed "Laika II", this is the first gun to ever go into space.

Installation: Copy the files into your TF2 directory.

Individual Removal: This mod will replace the Brass Beast, Tomislav, Heatmaker and stock Minigun. To remove the ones you don't want either don't copy their associated model folders into your TF2 directory or delete the folders they reside in.

Brass Beast = models\weapons\cmodels\cgatlinggun\ Tomislav = models\weapons\cmodels\ctomislav\ Heatmaker = models\weapons\cmodels\ccanton\ Minigun = models\weapons\vmodels\ + w_models\

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod will also change the appearance of 'Natasha' if the Minigun version is used. The bullet belt will also still be visible.
User Comments
Posted On: 01/06/14
how to do
Posted On: 10/19/13
Oh shirt
Posted On: 10/18/13
But it says right in the description that it can be used to replace the default minigun.
Posted On: 10/18/13
You can't make it replace the stock minigun
Posted On: 10/17/13
It Doesnt Work.Do i put Vmodels and Wmodels for the stock Minigun?
Posted On: 03/22/13
is this team colored?
Posted On: 02/21/13
I'm not sure, I haven't tested it with that particular weapon variant. I'm guessing that it'll either show this gun but with the lights or just show the default minigun with lights like normal.
Posted On: 02/18/13
Does the spray work with festive minigun? does the festive minigun have the lights with this mod?
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