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The average rating of 85% is based on 40 votes

(34 Thumbs up vs 6 Thumbs Down)
"Um, it's Twilight Sparkle."

Updated with better jigglebones and a LOD! Alternate models for the Iron Curtain and Brass Beast! Maybe other things!

Not currently adding particle effects or sound mods- May in the future, but separately.

...Yes- The name is a joke on the Heavy's naming schemes (Sasha and Natasha) and Tara Strong- Twilight's voice actor. At least I thought it was.

I hope everything's in the right place. I imagine people are going to hate me for this.

- New, as well as better, jigglebones to help give that feeling of carrying a 200+ pound pony.

- Added rim lighting to materials

- Added a LOD that reduces half the triangles (8300+ to 4200+)

- Added Brass Beast option

- Added Iron Curtain option
User Comments
Posted On: 06/06/14
Congrats on 2000 downloads!
Posted On: 04/27/14
Tell me, ShadowOSXGhost, do you hate it because its from a show you don't like or because the skin is genuinely bad in your unbiased opinion?
Posted On: 04/25/14
So Gay,Fucking Face
Posted On: 03/19/14
Im having problems with this mod instalation. My tf2 files are in caché, so i can't add files, so i use vpk mods. I tried installing this mod as vpk, but the textures are missing.
Posted On: 03/15/14
Could ya upload a vpk version of each one?
Posted On: 01/19/14
YES!!! Now my Hale's Own (Strange Weapon LVL OVAR 9000) Tomislav can be more magical than it already is XD
Posted On: 03/25/13
What the fuck?
Posted On: 03/18/13
did you make it for the regulare minigun to or no?
Posted On: 12/30/12
Installation Instructions (because I've seen some of you struggling with it) :
1. Put the "materials" folder into the tf directory.
2. choose the weapon you want to replace with Tara from the "CHOOSE YOUR MODEL" folder ("Brass_Beast", "Iron_Curtain" or "Tomislav") and put the corresponding "models" folder in the tf folder.

Done! The skin should now be installed for your chosen minigun.
Posted On: 11/14/12
I really Want this.... i just can't Make sense of how You install it, i tried putting it where the gunslinger.vtf goes but it did nothing, i crammed it into the c_gatling_gun file, still nothing... if it's simple or easy-to-explain, can someone do so?
Posted On: 09/09/12
how do i use it
Posted On: 09/03/12
it's not working for me.
Posted On: 08/26/12
yeah how do i install?
Posted On: 08/20/12
How do I install
Posted On: 08/04/12
It would be better if we could use this with the regular old minigun (thats all i have :P)
Posted On: 08/02/12
Until i realized that it was NOT a mini-gun stuffed inside a decaying pony corps, i thought it was cool.
Posted On: 07/31/12
Just a heads up, I'm experiencing some technical difficulties (As well as I don't have the free time) so I am unable to update the video. It's not all that different, but the subtle changes are mainly rig related, so that only comes across through the movin' pictures.
Posted On: 07/31/12
Now I might actually consider playing a hoovy instead of pyro. Awesome work mate!
Posted On: 07/30/12
should shot rainbows?
or love <3
Posted On: 07/30/12
All of my yes.
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