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The Dhakhan

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Update v1.2.: Added replacer for the Buswhaca, The Shiv and the Shashashashashsahanshan. The download now includes 4 subfolders - one for each weapon. Extract the folder of the weapon of your choice in your /tf folder.

Update v1.1: Added Backpack icons

The Dhakhan:a replacer for the sniper's kukri. It's fashioned after real aboriginal hatchets. Hope you like it!
Features: Jigglebones (they are a bit...unruly, but I can't help it)
Team Colors

Check the readme.txt file for installation details.

PLEASE visit the workshop page and rate up! : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=6594
Thank you very much!

Sorry! I made and error with some path files. Now the blue texture works aswell!
User Comments
Posted On: 07/05/12
Marioman, the reason it isn't working is because the author didn't put the model files into c_machete, that is how i fixed it
Posted On: 07/05/12
I don't know why but my tf2 doesn't seem to like the base kukri, it won't replace.

Could you make it for bushwhacka/shahanshah?
Posted On: 06/30/12
Thanks for the tip. I will consider asking for help.
Posted On: 06/30/12
Maybe try get help from danielawesomo (DN94 on youtube) he's pretty godly at animating and making sounds. He may be too busy right now though, he's making a sniper rifle.
Posted On: 06/30/12
The shotgun is avalible at Gamebanana. Check under my profile. But i must say that it is without new animations. I will create new one this summer.
Posted On: 06/30/12
And any chance for the gatling shotgun :>
Posted On: 06/30/12
I'll make a demonstration.
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