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The average rating of 95% is based on 73 votes

(69 Thumbs up vs 4 Thumbs Down)
Erecting a cute lil' thing.

Replaces the stock level 1 dispenser.

There are a few issues that cannot be fixed (only by Valve) that are listed in the readme, I have fixed all I could ;)

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Thank you!
User Comments
Posted On: 08/11/16
you could make dispenser from level 1 to 3 all mini dispenser
Posted On: 03/03/16
lets vote more
Posted On: 12/09/15
how do you get it to work?
Posted On: 04/21/15
Editing the collision box of entities is easy. I can do this through a sourcemod plugin.

Ever seen the Amplifier / Repair node mods?

I'm tempted to try the same with Mini Dispenser.
Posted On: 01/07/15
I love this so much. However, I can't get it to work. Where do the models and meshes folders go?
Posted On: 10/30/13
They should add this to gunslinger!
Posted On: 08/11/12
i think they should make a new weapon for engie and the mini-dispenser will be made,now that it is just a skin,it MAGICLY goes bigger on lvl 2
Posted On: 06/22/12
I still really like this okay.
I don't think it can replace a misc, it isn't an equippable! O:
Posted On: 06/19/12
hey would it be cool if this replaces the liquor locker or sandvich safe ?
Posted On: 06/16/12
how to put into play mode
Posted On: 06/06/12
Yeah I am aware of that, I can't modify the dispenser physical collision, it seems to be hard coded in the engine, only Valve could edit that, don't worry I guess they would if they added this mini dispenser ingame anyway.

This is a model replacement so even if I could edit the physical collision I would not, wouldn't that count as cheating?

If it was possible to modify the dispenser collision from the model it would be easy to recompile a model with a tiny collision for it and be able to walk through dispensers (or sentries for that matter) and use it on "sv_pure 0" servers which allow custom models.
It would also be weird that the client with the modified dispenser model would stand lower on the dispenser but the server having the original dispenser collision would calculate the player position should be higher on the dispenser and probably force the client to stand higher and/or create some weird shaking lag if you tried to stand on your smaller dispenser model, so that would create some weird effects.

No doubt it is hard coded to avoid all that, probably others reasons like teamates have to be able to walk through engineers buildings.
Posted On: 06/06/12
umm this is smaller than dispenser aren't the physics a bit hmm screwed? cause if i go stand on my dispenser do i look like standing in air?
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