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Mod Details

Dinosaur Pirate's Classpack

Provided by steamcard.me
41.99 MB
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The average rating of 67% is based on 27 votes

(18 Thumbs up vs 9 Thumbs Down)
Reuploading. The idea here was to give each team their own distinct look. As of right now, the Demoman's hands are not teamcolored in the viewmodels. There's also a glitch with the Demoman model where the Targe is not positioned properly. This will be fixed.

User Comments
Posted On: 10/06/13
Old post I know, just tried it today. Haven't played the game with them but on the constructive criticism side, the class selection menu icons (where you select the actual class from the left to right lineup), the icons are in too low a resolution and the outlines are way too prominent, just something that seems a minor detail to iron out (I'll probably do it myself when I have time).
Posted On: 11/06/11
White Demoman? Maskless spy? WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?
Posted On: 09/18/11
just awesome good work
Posted On: 07/16/11
Awesome, but I won't download it due to the fact that it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell what team is what.
Posted On: 06/03/11
It's an awesome alternate texture, but I'm afraid that I can't use it because I am firmly in the belief that team colors must be easy to identify.
Posted On: 03/06/11
Simple but lovely. Fits the game's theme giving it a nice alternative look. Good job!
Posted On: 03/04/11
i'd be more inclined to use this if the demoman model and engineer models were fixed to have the badges and etc on their chest and not floating at their feet
Posted On: 02/05/11
OMG, I love what you did to the spy and everyone else!
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