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The Doubleshot

Provided by steamcard.me
4.23 MB
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The average rating of 86% is based on 14 votes

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Workshop page here

From my "Improvised Immunization" pack, replaces pretty much any medic primary(use the crossbow for maximum confusion.) Just follow the readme included and you should be fine.
1.3 - updated the mod to use the VPK system

1.2 - fixed an issue with c_model animations

1.1 - switched over to ecks bawks hueg archives so that everyone could open them
User Comments
Posted On: 04/16/14
dw fixed it, but your bonesaw skin from the same set is driving me CRAZY its not even appearing!
Posted On: 04/16/14
uhhh, the animations for my melee and secondary are now fucked..... this also happened with the medigun of the same set. PLEASE tell me how to fix!
Posted On: 03/06/13
can you actually change the shape using those LOD? i'd like to know if it's possible
Posted On: 02/17/13
This shit sucks. The textures dont load and the backpack icon is a big page of purple and black checkers. Seriously.If you're going to upload a skin complete it.
Posted On: 08/19/12
best wepen ever
Posted On: 07/05/12
So very awesome....
Posted On: 04/16/12
The zip file should work now.
Posted On: 04/16/12
How the hell did I live without this?
Posted On: 04/16/12
Whoops nevermind the texture thing, forgot there was a TF folder in the root of the archive! My apologies!
Posted On: 04/16/12
Hey mate! This is ace! I STILL use the Kralle for the Kritzkrieg, even made a provate skin style (for my use only) to match with the Emerald Jarate Misc lol. This doesn't seem to have the model texture, only the backpack one. Either way, great model!
Posted On: 04/16/12
And the syringe gun, also sci-fi
Posted On: 04/16/12
I like the medic back pack. It so sci_fi
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