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The S.T.D.

Provided by steamcard.me
1.24 MB
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The Sandvich Transferal Device! Pump yourself full of sandvich, but at a price!

Replaces the summer jaw.

Workshop Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=17239

User Comments
Posted On: 11/23/13
Who is TNT talking to?
It's easy to type Sniper's name....rite?
Posted On: 11/22/13
Allright listen, you premature 12 year old. You're not cool, because you go around starting arguments over a damn game. You're just a sad kid who does nothing but talk about sex and porn at school and has friends who do nothing but eat doritos and drink mountain dew as you jerk off to whatever recent reskin of cod is out that you don't really have, while you spend your time talking about pussy to girls on failbook while you go all #YOLOSWAGOLOLOLOLOLOL , Like really, you're fucking stupid. Why would you even attack a opinion? Infact, you could of made ANY other better insult, "Minefag" "Failcraft" ANYTHING but mindcrap.
Infact, whats the point of adding "Mind". You're sad kid, grow up and do something with your life.
Posted On: 11/18/13
One squirrel died, i think.And hope.
Posted On: 11/17/13
this is almost like 2 squirrels fighting
Posted On: 11/16/13
Sniper, i'm not into that kind of stuff like you.
Go rage and destroy your XBOX 360 controller over that Call of Duty ghosts pre-order you got from your mom's credit card, you little shit.
Posted On: 11/14/13
Slick, go continue fucking dogs or something
Posted On: 11/12/13
Sniper, shut the fuck up.Please.You're just looking like the faggot you call other people.
Now, shut the fuck up.
Posted On: 11/12/13
Lord TNT is MindCrap faggot
Posted On: 03/26/13
Why? Its pretty fucking easy to look it up. You don't go to the website like OMGOMGOMG HOW DO I DOWNLOAD DISSS
Posted On: 03/26/13
LordTNT i think you need to shut the fuck up, he is learning i think alot of ppl are too. So shut your fucking mouth and stop being arrogant.
Posted On: 03/25/13
Kid, are you fucking retarded? Who comes to a website about mods, when you dont know how? Go to youtube and look it up, or read the fucking readme.txt
Posted On: 03/25/13
i want to download it but i dont know how!
Posted On: 05/20/12
Cool :D
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