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Mod Details

Artful Dodger

Provided by steamcard.me
3.05 MB
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The average rating of 92% is based on 13 votes

(12 Thumbs up vs 1 Thumbs Down)
All those times a Sniper just missed you was doing your hat no favours. Based on the Hat Clyde Barrow was wearing when the law finally caught up to him. Paint capable.

Part of the Public Enemy Pack.

Mod Details

  • Replaces the following Scout only hats: Backward's Ballcap, Big Elfin Deal, Bombing Run, Bonk Helm, El Jefe, Flipped Trilby, Hermes, Hero's Tail, Hot Dogger, Milkman, Superfan, Whoopee Cap, Ye Olde Baker Boy.

  • Replaces the Scout version of the following all-class hats: Bill's Hat, Mann Co. Cap, Max's Severed Heads, Summer Hat (v1.2), Modest Pile of Hat, Noble Amassment of Hats, Towering Pillar of Hats.

  • All Scout only hats have backpack icons (v1.2)

  • Has LODs with a max reduction of 85%.

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20/01/2012 - 1.2
- Added option for the Summer Hat
- Added backpack icons to all Scout only hat versions

12/01/2012 - 1.1
- Fixed misplaced materials
- Added a truckload of hat options

11/01/2012 - 1.0
- Initial release
User Comments
Posted On: 05/21/12
If you were to make this replace the Tossle, I'd be eternally grateful.
Posted On: 01/15/12
Do you think you could make a replacement for the summer hat? also i think this set is pretty badass.
Posted On: 01/12/12
Thanks for the heads up about the materials, there's always something... It should be fixed now. Also now with extra hats, including the Milkman.
Posted On: 01/12/12
I love this entire set, so much. Already upvoted. But this hat, the paths for the materials is wrong. Rather than Materials\Modes\player\items\scout, you put Materials\Player\items\scout. Other than that... I REALLY hope this set gets in game! It's amazing!
Posted On: 01/12/12
Can you please fix the textures? It shows the pink and black squares...
Also, please make it replace more hats.
Posted On: 01/11/12
Can you possibly make this replace the Milkman?
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