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Mod Details

Ill Gotten Gains

Provided by steamcard.me
1.44 MB
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Scout robbed a bank, I don't think he cares which one. This version is paint capable.

Part of the Public Enemy Pack.

Mod Details

  • This is a Scout misc item that replaces his default bag. In the current implementation it can only cover it rather than replace so there will be some minor glitches.

  • Replaces the Boston Boom bringer, Deus Specs, Fast Learner, Lucky No. 42, Merc's Pride, Summer Shades and Stereoscopic Shades.

  • Has LODs with a max reduction of 69%.

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13/03/2012 - 1.3
- Added versions for a bunch more miscs

14/02/2012 - 1.2
- Added version for the Stereoscopic Shades by request

19/01/2012 - 1.1
- Adjusted and fixed backpack icon VTF settings

11/01/2012 - 1.0
- Initial release
User Comments
Posted On: 03/13/12
Added a bunch more misc items, including requests. I can't do anything about it flying off when replacing glasses miscs since that's handled by the item definitions and so is out of my power to stop, it's just something you'll have to put up with if you want to replace glasses.
Posted On: 03/12/12
This is perfect! I have every single piece downloaded BUT this..... Can you make a version for the Boston Boom Bringer?
Posted On: 03/09/12
Could you make this a skin for the Deus Specs?
Posted On: 03/03/12
Could you make it for summer shades so that the shades stay on?
Posted On: 02/19/12
can you please make this for the 119th update medals?
Posted On: 02/14/12
Now with Stereoscopic Shades, it might get shoe misc replacements if I get around to playing with dummy feet.
Posted On: 02/12/12
If you can, can you make this replace the Sterioscopic Shades (3-D Glasses) or Ball Kicker's Boots?
Posted On: 01/18/12
God damn, Don't have any of the items to replace this one. why did I have to take a break from tf2 in june-july, WHY!
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