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Mod Details

Pick Pocket's Pocket Pistol

Provided by steamcard.me
0.99 MB
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The average rating of 90% is based on 10 votes

(9 Thumbs up vs 1 Thumbs Down)
A little something for stealing on the go. Based on the Colt 1908 Pocket Pistol.

Part of the Public Enemy Pack.

Mod Details

  • Replaces any combination of the Pistol, Lugermorph, and Winger pistols. Shared weapons mean it will be wielded by both the Scout and Engineer.

  • Has LODs with a max reduction of 72%.

  • Includes backpack icons.

Like this a lot? It's in the Steam Workshop!
19/01/2012 - 1.1
- Adjusted backpack icons and fixed their VTF settings

11/01/2012 - 1.0
- Initial Release
User Comments
Posted On: 12/28/16
At least the mod for engi too.
Posted On: 06/18/13
....are you fucking retarded?
Posted On: 01/18/13
Painis, this was submitted BEFORE it was put in-game.
You know, as a Workshop item?
Jeebus, kids today...
Posted On: 01/13/13
that weapon is pretteboy rocket pistol you idiot
Posted On: 01/08/13
Mysterious, what?
Posted On: 01/08/13
I want a version of this to replace the pretty boy's pocket pistol.
Posted On: 02/19/12

amazing but it is a little glitchy, it still looks good but there are little solid black triangles and shapes twitching around in the first person view on the top of the gun
Posted On: 01/15/12
It looks great on the engineer! ^^
Posted On: 01/15/12
Could you, or anyone who uses this, provide me with how this looks on the Engineer?
Posted On: 01/14/12
Smashing stuff, sir. And it comes with Backpack icons!
Posted On: 01/12/12
Another great addition from Elbagast. *Downloaded*
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