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Pyro Painter Pack

Provided by steamcard.me
4.69 MB
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This zip includes the final release for my Pyro Painter Pack. The pack now has several LODs for each model, and improved textures. The hat is also now paintable.

The Pray-n-Spray (replaces the Flamethrower and Degreaser)
The Touchup (replaces the Flaregun and Detonator)
The Rick Roller (replaces the Axtinguisher)
Pryo's Palette (replaces the Triboniophorus Tyrannus)
User Comments
Posted On: 12/21/11
Well, I placed the materials first then I placed the model replacements for the Degreaser and the Detonator.

I go in Source SDK and the texture can't be found for the models.

Somehow, I was able to make the textures work for the Touch-Up, but it seems like they don't want to appear on the Pray-n-Spray. I'm not sure how texture paths works so I can't really help. Sorry if I misled you on my last comment. Probably reworking the files paths and/or naming them differently for the different models could work. I wish I could pin-point the exact problem...
Posted On: 12/20/11
Hmm could you be more specific about which textures aren't working?

As for the reload animations, that has been an issue as I have no idea how to change them. But, having the Touchup replace the Manmelter is a brilliant idea. I'll see what I can do when I get some free time.
Posted On: 12/20/11
I really like it a lot!

But... I had my head scratching in the installation. Sometimes it works, sometimes the textures don't want to cooperate. Probably because you're using the same file name for both models and perhaps, it looks for a model but doesn't load it on the other. Might want to fix it so it's easier for others to install it.

Also, I saw that your Touch-Up doesn't have reload animations. Could you try to make it for the Manmelter instead? It would fit it perfectly since it doesn't have reload animations. And it would make it look dashing!

Keep up the awesome work!
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