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The Deadhand

Provided by steamcard.me
2.43 MB
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The average rating of 100% is based on 12 votes

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The Deadhand,
a gunslinger replacement.

Now with 300% more LODs and worldmodel problem free !

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Model and compil by Napy_Da_Wise
Textures by Parazit
User Comments
Posted On: 03/19/13
Broken viewmodels
Posted On: 01/31/13
The worldmodels work but the viewmodels are screwed.
Posted On: 01/04/13
Oh gosh..
Posted On: 04/17/12
How do u install these mods cant figure it out
Posted On: 01/15/12
There's a problem. When I have this mod installed, I can't see my Short Circuit or Pomson 6000 when I have them out.

I don't know if it's just me or this mod is broken.

Please try to fix this if you can.
Posted On: 11/19/11
and now some one make the deadsentry for this
Posted On: 11/04/11
i like milk
Posted On: 10/28/11
Whatever happened to the frontal lobe?
Posted On: 10/25/11
still waiting for that shotgun skin for the widow maker also this is a great model
Posted On: 10/22/11
i'm going to upload the rest of the items tomorow if you don't mind, i have to sleep !
But yes, i'll hex the frontal lobe to the widowmaker and the shotgun (only if it uses c_models) !
Posted On: 10/22/11
I'm going to be honest. The Brain shotgun needs to also replace the default shotgun. Hell, why not all of them?
Posted On: 10/22/11
Why was the blood removed?
Posted On: 10/22/11
hey sorry to ask sense this is not related to this skin but chould you make that very nice shotgun skin from the night of the living update for the widow maker that whould be awesome
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