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The Touchup

Provided by steamcard.me
2.66 MB
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The Touchup is a Flaregun and Detonator replacement for my Pyro Painter Pack. It is a paint sprayer fitted with an ignition pilot to launch flaming balls of paint. 8352 tris.

Added a skin for the Detonator to the .zip. The download now replaces both the Flaregun and the Detonator. Simply delete the extraneous skin in the c_models folder to leave your preferred skin (instructions are also in the readme.txt).

12/18/11: Added 3 LODs and updated textures.
User Comments
Posted On: 01/27/13
@MrMarioman c_drg_manmelter
...I think
Posted On: 05/28/12
What are the folder and file names for manmelter?
Posted On: 05/27/12
If you guys want this as a manmelter replacement just change the folder and file names
Posted On: 05/27/12
It SHOULD also be a replacements for the M.M. cause they both look the same
Posted On: 05/25/12
Y u no put as manmelter replacement, there's no reload for it = no clipping :D
Posted On: 09/12/11
Thanks for converting it!
Posted On: 09/05/11
@ M. Francis: I actually have no animation experience at all. The way the weapon is designed, there's really no reasonable reload to even occur. When I submitted to Valve, I asked them to basically eliminate all reload animations for the model. If someone wants to take up the re-animation project, feel free. I'll happily incorporate and credit them.
Posted On: 09/05/11
Could you reanimate the reload animation please? Maybe the pyro could take off the thing on top and replace it with a new one. What I'm really trying to say, is that it bothers me the way pyro's hand just clips into the gun the way that it does during the reload.
Posted On: 09/04/11
@Tin Can
I was going to make a flare replacement that was a flaming glob of paint, but I honestly don't think you can even really see the flare shells in-game when they're speeding through the air on fire.
Posted On: 09/04/11
If only this set included particle replacements for fire, turning it into paint.

Nah, this whole is seriously awesome. Great work!
Posted On: 09/04/11
Oh man that's a really nice skin. Nice job. But can you have it replace the detonator?
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