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Mod Details

The Pray-n-Spray

Provided by steamcard.me
1.51 MB
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The average rating of 100% is based on 8 votes

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The Pray-n-Spray is a Degreaser replacement for my Pyro Painter's Pack. It is a homemade flamethrower using spray paint cans for fuel and a modified bicycle brake as a trigger. A compressor stores fuel for the pilot. Has red and blue skins.

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Disregard the goofy-looking trigger in the screenshots, that's a glitch in HLMV.

Changed model so that it replaces both the Flamethrower and Degreaser.

Textures are updated and improved considerably.

12/15/11 Added 3 LODS:
LOD 0: 6683 tris
LOD 1: 4096 tris
LOD 2: 2157 tris
LOD 3: 1061 tris

2/8/12 Fixed issue with textures not loading.
User Comments
Posted On: 03/26/13
I have a question. in the first screenshot its bony and bent looking, but in the other (second to last and last screenshot) its thick and straight, any idea how to get the one in the 2 last pictures?
Posted On: 03/26/13
Im shocked you didnt know the backburner and the flamethrower share the same model scripts. download it for the flamethrower and go to your backburner. it should show it.
Posted On: 02/21/12
can you make a backburner version? that would be so awesome
Posted On: 02/08/12
Finally fixed the texture issue. Sorry for the delay!
Posted On: 01/31/12
and here is the backpack icon! http://www.mediafire.com/?x8k4ep1znpruci3
Posted On: 01/31/12
here is fixed texture for degraser: http://www.mediafire.com/?dmlost0036fbuyv

if u want the fixed texture for flame too send me a mexage :)
Posted On: 01/11/12
The VMTs need to be fixed for the Pray-n-Spray.
Posted On: 12/14/11
Improved textures considerably, and updated .zip. It now replaces both the Degreaser and Flamthrower.
Posted On: 09/10/11
I already changed it to replace only the Degreaser. The problem with it replacing the default flamethrower is that it f's up the Backburner model.

If there's enough interest I'll add the original compilation to the .zip.
Posted On: 09/10/11
If you make it replace the Degreaser, can you make it so you have a choice between the Degreaser and the default Flamethrower?
Posted On: 09/04/11
Yes, yes. I knew that would come up eventually. When I play, I prefer the default Flamethrower so that's what it replaced. I'll dutifully make it a Degreaser skin, as it should be.
Posted On: 09/04/11
I beg pardon?

You dare create such a fine flamethrower and have it not replace the Degreaser?

I am shocked and disgusted sir, and demand that you make it replace the Degreaser.
Posted On: 09/03/11
YES. Proudly the very first person to give this (very deserving) mod a thumbs up! Great work!
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