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The Stampede

Provided by steamcard.me
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A western-y gunslinger pistol part of my rancher-styled pack. Replaces the default pistol or the Lugermorph.

Link to the pack's promo image.

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Version 1.1 - Updated archive to include a hexed version for the Lugermorph. Thanks to Mr. Jukebox/Action Sniper.

Version 1.0 - Main Release
User Comments
Posted On: 10/26/11
Wait wut? It won't download....
Posted On: 08/18/11

Actually that was intentional. I wanted it to function like an automatic pistol so it wouldn't require custom animations. The revolver cylinder is just for looks really. Don't ask me how the pistol's actually supposed to function because I have no idea. But for all intents and purposes it's an automatic.
Posted On: 08/18/11
Nice! Only problem is the clip still being loaded but that doesn\'t matter much.
Posted On: 08/14/11
Just came back and noticed this works for the luger too! thanks ritz!
Posted On: 08/12/11
Dam, was hopin there was some magic codin biz that could do it. oh well, still got my dl
Posted On: 08/12/11
Unfortunately no, they both share the same pistol model so replacing one replaces it for both classes. Sorry.
Posted On: 08/12/11
Oh dam..is there any way to make this for just the engi so my scout pistol has the other mod on it?
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