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Radigan Conagher

Provided by steamcard.me
8.3 MB
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The average rating of 100% is based on 26 votes

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Replaces the Engineer with a Radigan Conagher model based on the Loose Canon comic.
I used some parts of the original models by Valve for the body.

- Radigan Conagher world model
- new view model by murphy
- gibs
- refitted default hats (any already installed custom hat skins will need to be overwritten to avoid possible clipping)
- new hud & class select icons by murphy
- main menu image & class portrait

Drag the tf folder into
Program Files\Steam\steamapps\*account name*\team fortress 2\

If you want Radigan to wear a moustache while equipped with the Gunslinger;
copy the content from the moustache folder into tf\models\player\ before installing

- The model has LODs
- The cloth is jiggleboned

Special thanks to murphy for helping me

[email protected]

My Blog:
v 1.1:
- Updated the Wingstick
- Added support for the Deus Ex promo items
- There are some issues with updating the Pip-Boy, so it was left out for now
- The voicepack is nearly finished and will most likely be added with the next update
User Comments
Posted On: 02/20/16
i dont think cosmetics have to work with that kind of skin cuz he looks good already.
Posted On: 02/20/16
can u plz make a chris walker skin for heavy? im looking for someone who might be able to and i see u have made a good skin. if u dont know who chris walker is in outlast, its the burly fat dude that chases you for most of the game and the dlc to.
Posted On: 04/21/14
now that there is is bloody great ten ouda ten
Posted On: 05/02/13
Now that there was a fine piece of work!
Posted On: 08/27/12
A true masterpiece of a mod. Great work 10/10
Posted On: 08/21/12
This look amazing for my engineer thanks you Gerre
Posted On: 11/21/11
can you make it to a zip file
Posted On: 11/10/11
@RPG: I've been busy working on other stuff and kinda forgot about updating him. I'm putting some things together right now, so pretty soon there'll be an update with a big part of the voicepack and refitted hats and misc items.
Posted On: 10/18/11
This is bloody awesome.

But due to the new update with new hats, misc, etc, this will get updated to make them fit with this model, right?
Posted On: 10/07/11
Hahahah! Nice
Posted On: 09/21/11
If you possibly can do so, please make a remodeling of the soldier that gives him the uniform that is worn in the introduction to the feature film "Patton" made in 1970.
Posted On: 09/19/11
this is A+
Posted On: 09/10/11
Woo, Pyro gloves
Posted On: 08/16/11
It should still be the same as the default Engineer :/
Posted On: 08/16/11
When u use the Gunslinger, the whole lower arm gets replaced and doesnt fit with the upper part (thickness).

Yea u r VERY close to the comic appearance, thanks a lot
Posted On: 08/16/11
I agree on the teamcolours, it\'s a bit harder to tell them apart from a great distance. But my aim was to stay true to the comic and since Engineers are usually near their sentry it shouldn\'t be too much of a probem.
I don\'t understand your point on the Gunslinger though, since I didn\'t modify it at all.
Posted On: 08/15/11
I'm loving it, although there could be more things featuring the team colour. It's a lil problem sometimes.
Plus the Gunslinger Arm looks strange, seems like it doesn't perfectly fit.

Apart from this: Thanks, man!!
Posted On: 08/12/11
@ Dr. Ethan Asia: I tried to keep the hair simple like the original models. imo it would be too distracting if I did it like the Soldier's mutton chops from Dr. Grordbort pack.
Posted On: 08/12/11
The facial hair seems... unnatural.
Posted On: 08/08/11
About fucking TIME someone makes a Radigan Conagher model!
Posted On: 08/07/11
Yes it does.
Posted On: 08/07/11

does it actually have facial animations?

if it does or doesn't, this is still stunningly amazing
Posted On: 08/06/11
@ HellJumper: Thanks :)

I'll try to keep this updated with any future hats Valve might add.
Posted On: 08/05/11
Great work, Gerre!
Posted On: 08/04/11
wow. thats new. never seen anyone making anything like this before.
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