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Mod Details

The Brawler's Blaster

Provided by steamcard.me
1.23 MB
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The average rating of 93% is based on 140 votes

(130 Thumbs up vs 10 Thumbs Down)
This is a Scattergun replacement loosly based around the sawn-down Browning Auto 5 shotgun
wielded by Bonnie Carter. It also borrows from Tommy guns.

Part of the Public Enemy Pack.

Mod Detail

  • Installation instructions included in the ReadMe file (drag and drop 1 folder)

  • Replaces the Scattergun

  • Includes backpack icons

  • Includes custom festive lights and backpack icons.

Like this a lot? It's in the Steam Workshop!
User Comments
Posted On: 06/15/14
There is an alternate skin seen on the first image. How do you get that version as a skin?
Posted On: 04/09/14
Whet Deh Fawk Is This.. 0-o
Posted On: 02/25/14
Actually BFB's design is better than original scattergun.. but this is not a good idea
Posted On: 09/01/13
Creeper scout, are you srs?
Posted On: 09/01/13
creeper scout this is released before the pyroland update coming
Posted On: 08/20/13
This Is The Baby Face's Blaster.Its Just A Downloadable Version Of It
Posted On: 06/18/13
I still prefer this one over the two hand cannon.
Posted On: 05/01/13
Because the BFB is shit and no one wants to use it, MrCrossa.
Posted On: 04/22/13
Why are people still downloading this when it's in the game now?
Posted On: 02/27/13
이거 아니면 못해요
This or can not do
Posted On: 01/25/13
so i get it that this is where baby faces blaster was born?
Posted On: 01/02/13
Nice gun. Love it.
Posted On: 10/20/12
hey Elbagast. I don't want to be much of a bother, but could we collaborate on a model once?
Posted On: 09/23/12
storm thunder valve did GOOD adding this to game? for model hell yeah but see the stars... eww D: good ol' gayben
Posted On: 07/29/12
i looooooovvee this skin so much <3 i hate the stats of the Baby Faces Blaster, but i love the look of it. so this really sits high in my favourite skins :)
Posted On: 07/07/12
good weapon, valve have done good putting this weapon in the game
Posted On: 06/24/12
a quality skin sadly i use the FaN more but it's still a great skin and should be in game
Posted On: 05/31/12
It seems whenever I join a valve server the skin returns to default scatter, then I have to restart tf2 to get it back. Anyone know a fix?
Posted On: 05/22/12
Posted On: 04/30/12
With this skin, i can feel the power of the gun now. Great Job lad! I wish ya good luck in the future. Hell, you ain't gonna need it :3
Posted On: 04/21/12
whrs the read me file?
Posted On: 04/08/12
Posted On: 03/06/12
how i cen download it
Posted On: 02/24/12
Hey there, i was bored so i made a video demonstrating your pack, if you want i can send you the file http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEeEAVqBe78&noredirect=1
Posted On: 02/11/12
How do use the mod again?
Posted On: 02/02/12
It's using the new design, it's just that the most obvious changes are not visible in the viewmodel most of the time. The cylinder below the barrel is obscured by the rest of the gun almost all of the time simply because of the angle it's held at.
Posted On: 02/02/12
I think it still uses the viewmodel of the older brawler's blaster. Could you make the viewmodel for the new one?
Posted On: 01/22/12
Hey, there is some guy named PSKSpark on YouTube, who animates taunts and such, and he made one that i think could go well with either the brawler's blaster or the pickpocket's pistol, he even said he tried asking you about a taunt for one of the items. perhaps you should try and contact him if you like it.

here is the link to the video of the taunt:
Posted On: 01/21/12
your first person view doesn't have the little grey cylinder under the barrel
Posted On: 01/11/12
How annoying, changing the featured screenshot doesn't work. The 2 leftmost images are the latest version.
Posted On: 12/28/11
Looks like they changed something with all the viewmodels of stock weapons when they added the festive versions. Strangely the current version of this (and other mods I have) work fine on local servers but not online.

I think I've figured out the fix but I need to test it more thoroughly.
Posted On: 12/27/11
I love it, but I've got a slight problem: the gun shows up in the game perfectly, it fires one shot off... then the reload animation is incredibly jerky and once it's fully reloaded it completely disappears from my screen, only to reappear with my next shot, and the cycle starts again. Is this just a prblem with my computer? I've had this happen with every single skin that changes the basic shape of the gun; with retextures it works just fine.
Posted On: 12/05/11
Have you submitted this to the Steam Workshop? Also, you should submit it to Gamebanana, this is easily better than all the Scattergun skins over there
Posted On: 12/05/11
This is my fav scatter gun skin Nice job!
Posted On: 11/12/11
it looks like it could fit 4 big bullets in there, more damage is needed.
Posted On: 11/06/11
This is my absolute favourite mod I've downloaded! And, trust me, I've downloaded a TON of mods.

I never really used to use my Scattergun all that much before, but now I use it all the time.
Posted On: 10/15/11
See the Readme.txt inside.
Posted On: 10/15/11
Posted On: 08/25/11
Love the SIngle barrel.
Posted On: 08/05/11
This is so awesome, there are just not enough words in this english language to describe it. I love the reload animation how that bolt moves back and forth, it's amazing. I've used this for quite a while now but I'm wondering if there's any way to replace this as the default skin for the scattergun, so on servers with sv_pure 1 I can use this skin (e.g. In competitive matches) If that's possible I'll love you forever :)

Anyways thanks for making this skin, best one I've seen
Posted On: 08/04/11
i dont know how to install the mods
Posted On: 07/26/11
only has 1 round per clip so you have to crank it between every shot like a western reapeter but it does like 15% more damage i would totally use it!!!
Posted On: 07/23/11
Best scattergun skin I've seen yet.
Posted On: 07/20/11
When i saw my friend had this i searched everywhere, now i finally have it
Posted On: 07/18/11
I may now have to play Scout again. Finally, a Scattergun that doesn't look like it's made partially out of cardboard and plastic!
Posted On: 07/16/11
I don't even play Scout and I love this skin.
Posted On: 05/23/11
I love it. I had another one that was a pump shotgun more like the engies. Like this one a ton more.
Posted On: 05/12/11
Awesome. Now I just need to find a pistol to fit this D:
Posted On: 04/09/11
Love it.
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