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Female Medic

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New Female Medic by Shaylyn Hamm
Voice pack by MiraiBaby

What's new?

* New model with improved face, hair, better balanced body proportions
* New textures with tweaked and better matching colors
* New HUD and menus art
* Up-to-date with latest hats and weapons

email: [email protected]
Steam: ChemicalAlia
28 Aug 19:18, if sound wasn't working for you, reinstall and now it will
18 Jul 11 21:17, re-uploading with fix for invisible hats/gibs
20 Jul 22:27, replaced missing vgui textures and added darken.vtf/vmt to player/items/all_class
25 Jul 1:11, updating with better skinning on back of labcoat
27 Jul 0:03, fully functioning lip synced sound files by Mr. Dude, fixed eye tracking so her eyes now follow the player, darkened skin to reduce overblown effect in menus
User Comments
Posted On: 05/03/15
how long until the voice pack fix is realesed?
Posted On: 09/19/11
this is a masterpiece
nice work
Posted On: 09/08/11
Reminds me of a German Exchange student that went to our school. Nice work!
Posted On: 08/30/11
Hello, i just installed the female mod like you had said in the little instruction page, but the voice pack doesn't work
Posted On: 08/09/11
looks awesome :3
Posted On: 07/21/11
Will there be a Gmod release? Just interrested :)
Posted On: 07/20/11
All of my character mods have the same eye tracking problem, it's an issue that I haven't been able to solve and I'm still looking into it. As for the faceposing, it is all complete and there The problem is that it does not lip sync properly, I think I mentioned this in the bug list. :C Someone was able to get this working for my spy model, possibly by editing the sound files themselves, but I don't know how that works. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtL57D9t3ec

As for the recordings, a few of them may have been overlooked. MiraiBaby might be able to record those sometime, but it's entirely up to her and how well she feels.
Posted On: 07/20/11
This one has a lot of potential and I look forward to it being finished. But for the time being theres a lot of bugs. The soundpack is full of holes, faceposing is minimal to nonexistant and her eye positions are messed up, don't get me wrong, the model is great and I do love it (it's definitely a lot more than I could ever do) but it's not perfect/finished yet.
Posted On: 07/20/11
This is awesome, but there are missing eye textures for the Planeswalker Helm. Not a big fan of Planeswalker Helm though.
Posted On: 07/19/11
is she wearing a... giesha girl, in the far right picture?
Posted On: 07/18/11
This is great! :)
Posted On: 07/18/11
..Everything else is good though. Except that the lipsync is not working for me.
Posted On: 07/18/11
No offense, but the voice back is really bad..
Posted On: 07/18/11
Nice work can you please make a video showing it?
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