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Mod Details

The Kralle

Provided by steamcard.me
6.71 MB
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The average rating of 95% is based on 145 votes

(138 Thumbs up vs 7 Thumbs Down)

Workshop page here

Gentlemen I present to you, The Kralle v2. Its about time I released it.
currently it works as a Quick-Fix / Vaccinator replacement.

Install instructions are in the zip, I don't recommend installing all four.


RandomTeddyBear - Model, Texture

Recurracy - Particles

SoulDestroy - Various complaints, Testing

YM - Testing

BTone - Testing
2.4 - fixed the handle not animating
- removed the Medigun and Kitzkrieg variants because they share the same model

2.3 - updated the mod to use the VPK system
- removed certain animations and effects since they'd be inevitably be broken in the future
- added support for The Vaccinator

2.2 - fixed an issue with c_model animations

2.1 - switched over to ecks bawks hueg archives so that everyone could open them

2.0 - updated the kralle to its steam workshop version
- lower triangle count than the original model
- better looking textures
- added a medigun version
- added new custom animations
- added a backpack

1.2 - optimized the model and textures, updated the backpack icon.

1.1 - added optional hires textures
User Comments
Posted On: 11/08/14
pls fix it for love&war D:
Posted On: 09/26/14
I keep getting a black and purple checker texture on it, and the backpack icon is just a black and purple checkerboard. Any ideas what's going on?
Posted On: 08/09/14
update plz?
it is 2 many error
medic gun handle not moving
Posted On: 08/08/14
Apparently, the love and war update made the medigun into c_models again, so we cant use that version until it's fixed.
Do you think you can do it? (I've tried to make the v_models into c_models, but doesn't work for me.)
Posted On: 02/18/14
hey,when I try to open up the .zip file it says unable to expand!
Posted On: 01/23/14
wow just wow!
Posted On: 11/14/13
I've told you guys how to fix it several times now, dangit.
Posted On: 11/14/13
Too bad the Halloween Update messed everything up, hopefully you can fix the animations for it.
Posted On: 10/25/13
@Chuck Molesta
Omg thank you very much dude :D u helped a lot
Posted On: 10/24/13
Delete the c_medic_animations.mdl and c_medic_arms files, that should fix it.
Posted On: 10/24/13
Help plz the reloading animations and the melee weapons are broken. fix plz
Posted On: 10/10/13
Delete the c_medic_animations.mdl file. This breaks the spinny things, though.
Posted On: 10/08/13
Reloading animations with the needle gun are broken, update?
Posted On: 09/15/13
Okay, I would like some help please. I have downloaded the kralle just as instructed, but to no avail. I have no kralle fp model nor do I have an LOD or backpack model.
Posted On: 08/26/13
this is the coolest god damn thing i have ever seen but please make it a vpk
Posted On: 06/01/13
You can find the Kralle - Vaccinator replacement over at http://tf2.gamebanana.com/skins/126637
Posted On: 05/31/13
the model doesnt appear in first person for me. is there some way to fix this?
Posted On: 05/13/13
Please fix for steam pipe
Posted On: 04/04/13
you should make the spinning tip stop when not healing or idle. also it should spin faster when ubercharged
Posted On: 03/19/13
So, are you retarted?
Posted On: 03/02/13
So thoes this replace the vaccinateer?
Posted On: 02/28/13
hi, i have a question, the medic back pack in this mod has replaced all the other medic back pack which is for the medigun, vaccinator and my kritzkrieg. what should i do?
Posted On: 02/03/13
Actually, you're now missing the Vaccinator. But who am I to judge? This is an awesome texture.
Posted On: 12/21/12
It dosen't work with Kritzkrieg.
Posted On: 12/18/12
black/pink bugged model https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/456768_541268589235008_1014998563_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/456892_541268625901671_1629981991_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/456917_541268649235002_1864652012_o.jpg
Posted On: 12/16/12
@Phat Ho change the file name to 59489-kralle.7z and download this : http://osxdaily.com/2010/12/13/open-7z-files-on-a-mac/ . I had a problem similar to that so I just downloaded something that can open 7z files, changed the it from .zip to .7z and it worked.
Posted On: 12/09/12
Download doesn't work for me, it says it can't open the zip... I'm running on a Mac OSX, and it says: "Decompression failed" Help!!!
Posted On: 11/23/12
There's a slight problem with this medi-gun and the Halloween update. It appears that this skin prevents the new medic soul from appearing. Just a minor bug to point out. Beyond that, I've been loving this thing ever since I installed it!
Posted On: 11/18/12
that heals 4 peopels says in workshop
Posted On: 11/13/12
Yeah. You're right. It's too awesome to be in tf2.
Posted On: 11/05/12
This mod is really cool, i like it very much, but recently the backpack isn't showing on my medic's back i don't know if there's something wrong with the mod but anyways, its a very good mod.
Posted On: 10/22/12
its a nice looking weapon from the video but you need to fix the black and pink model bug
Posted On: 10/13/12
This is the most awesome Medi gun skin ever, but I do have a few gripes:

1) Backpack messes up the placement of the power up canteen, placing it below the model's feet. a fix would be appreciated.
2) backpack should be optional, or even a separate mod for the Medic Mech-bag or Emerald Jarate.
3) Spinning animation does not work in practice mode. kinda weird.
Posted On: 08/28/12
Very creative and very unique. Good work.
Posted On: 08/01/12
That Medi Gun Never gets in TF2
Posted On: 07/12/12
Small bug: when badge miscs are equipped they appear all crooked on the medic model when the medigun is out.
Posted On: 06/24/12
i checked the files and notice absolutely no .vtf files this is why the texture is broken PLEASE fix this
Posted On: 06/03/12
So deleting the medic player model gets rid of the backpack, but I also become invisible to myself. Is there any other way to get rid of just the backpack?
Posted On: 05/30/12
I've found that when I try to delete the viewmodel, I get purple and black textures on the area where the pack should be. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have repeated and checked the delete instructions over and over again, and ive done everything
Posted On: 05/21/12
Man, can you fix the texture? because i see only black and purple on the mediguns
Posted On: 04/25/12
Ahem, I have a question...

How can I for example install it not into TF2, I want to use it in... GMod.

I don't want to replace any mediguns, so... Is that possible this way or another?
Posted On: 04/24/12
@Phoenix-Seelenkrieger, You, can delete the medic player model to remove the backpack, or the quickfix backpack if thats what you use. There's a bug on listen servers where the animations won't play properly, but it seems to work in multiplayer.

@/]US[\Mateusz Anti CISPA, same thing as above. I've also been a little reluctant to add people recently due to the fact I usually end up blocking them.

@sgt. rootbeer and funnyjunk55 Sounds like you both moved the materials in but forgot to actually add the replacement model.
Posted On: 04/21/12
I have problem, i wanted add you but you're ignoring me so i post it here i have annoying animation bug or glitch in third person it's spins normal but in viewmodel it's not spinning can you help me out ?
Posted On: 04/20/12
Ok, i request help- i follow the instuctions down to the letter, but woe is me, no kralle, only the nice particle effects
Posted On: 04/18/12
i did everything moving it into the tf folder and stuff but when i open the game theres no medigun in my hands yet, theres still a heal beam coming out
Posted On: 04/18/12
Is it supposed to turn just a little bit if you start healing? That's what it does for me and I followed the readme to the letter. Also I'm really, really not a fan of the backpack, I'd appreciate a mod version without it.

Going back to the old version, sorry.
Posted On: 04/18/12
@sam2xl yes you can I run on a mac and I have tons of mods, just open up finder and go to yourname/library/application support/steam/steamapps/steamusername/team fortress 2/tf and then put the files in the corresponding folders
Posted On: 04/17/12
can you do this on mac
Posted On: 04/17/12
I don't know if that was supposed to happen but....now the Kralle just spins when I heal people.
Posted On: 04/17/12
Ok it worked, thanks! It looks very nice.
Posted On: 04/16/12
the zip files should be working now
Posted On: 04/16/12
I get a error: 0x8004005, I cannot place the vmt files in my tf folder.
Posted On: 01/16/12
It would be awesome if you can make it to the medigun.
Posted On: 11/03/11
It would be great if u could make this for the medigun. I'm sure others would appreciate it as well. Just a suggestion.
Posted On: 10/30/11
I would like to see this replace the Medigun, but... Eh, I guess I can start playing with the Kritzkrieg again, even if it's less useful.
Posted On: 10/26/11
The Oktoberfest taunt makes the Kralle clip with the Medic's head.
Posted On: 09/11/11
Awesome, Just plain awesome ; )
Posted On: 08/26/11
I have been using this for a while now and i would just like to say this is the best skin i have ever used for the kritzkrieg. Thank you.
Posted On: 08/17/11
This thing. This thing right there. Made me happier than the complete Über Update. Just seeing the viewmodel and that massive machine, the spinning of the gear, all the details - it really felt like a powerful and fun weapon, I literally had to laugh and smile for a while because it\'s so amazing.

I remember a certain similar Polycount entry from Things You Don\'t Want To Get Impaled With (or something like that, dunno if you\'re the same author) and a YouTube video showing off some animations like Kam Fakami mentioned them in the comments here (didn\'t see it in your channel, so I don\'t know if you\'re the same author; but maybe I just missed it/you deleted it). Would be cool if it had something like that, but not sure if it\'s possible/how much work it is.

Anyway, thanks a lot for this mod. Deploying a Kritzcharge has never been this awesome. :)
Posted On: 08/17/11
Awesome skin!

After using it for a while, I thought it\'d be pretty cool if the arms stay closed, spinning while healing, stationary while idle, then upon ubercharge the arms open.
Posted On: 08/15/11
Yesterday it hasn't worked due to unknown reasons but now it rocks!
I 'd been afraid the spinning would annoy after some time but it's way to cool!
Posted On: 08/13/11
I find that depending on the graphics settings the loadout screen can be buggy with normal mapped models, can you still see it ingame though?
Posted On: 08/12/11
I love this skin but I get this wierd bug :l In the medic loadout I can't see the actual medi gun it self and can only see the belt, gauge... well you know all the stuff you added. Is this because I used it for the quick fix?
Posted On: 07/24/11
Ok, thanks, I'll try installing again and see if it works. By the way, I was using the kritzkrieg version.
Posted On: 07/24/11
@Captain Falcon
I can't seem to replicate the problem, just try reinstalling and see if it works. if it doesn't make sure you have the following files


in the folder:
"...\Steam\steamapps\<steamname>\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\weapons\c_items\c_kralle\"
Posted On: 07/22/11
I get like pink and black checkers, but I see the model and animations fine. I know I installed the materials right though.
Posted On: 07/22/11
@Captain Falcon

How is it broken exactly, could you get me a screenshot?
Posted On: 07/21/11
Looks amazing, but last nights update broke the textures. please fix it soon, I wanted to use this!
Posted On: 07/18/11
DL'd this from GB but once i saw it here to i just had to drop a thumb, its simply amazing!
Posted On: 07/16/11
I saw this on Gamebanana before I saw it here, and I have it for my quick-fix
Which will be soon
Posted On: 07/16/11
It would be a crying shame if this wasn't canonized. It's beautiful.
Posted On: 07/16/11
My body is ready....to be healed by this.
truly a genious' work, excellent doing, sir!
Posted On: 07/16/11
Excellent model. I noticed a polycount pin :)
Posted On: 07/15/11
I think you have to have administrator access to install skins, as far as I know.
Posted On: 07/15/11
this has got to be one of the most practical Mediguns out there; and I would love to use it except that when I try to place it into my "tf" folder it keeps coming up that I need Administrator Permission to input it, could you give me any advice on why it is doing this please?
Posted On: 07/15/11
Posted On: 07/15/11
It'd be nice if it had an animation for when it attaches and dettaches from a heal target.

Cause I imagine it like this.

Idle: Arms are closed.
Begins Healing: Arms spin open.
Healing Ends: Arms slow down and close.
Posted On: 07/15/11
Wow. Just wow, the spinning nozzel is a nice touch :)
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