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The Goon's Guard

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10.59 MB
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-What's a Boston streetkid to do? Hit somebody!-

The folders are named "Use THIS Folder to Replace the InsertHatNameHere", inside are each a "materials" and "models" folder; these are designed to be dropped into your \team fortress 2\tf\ folder.

Unzip the folder of your choice and drop it's contents into

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*steam user name here*\team fortress 2\tf


All hats normally come with the "Original" style. These items have more styles:
- Aperture Labs Hardhat: Original and Stripe
- Troublemaker's Tossel Cap: Original, Inverted, Stripe, and Psycho

If you'd like to use one of the other style's, just copy over the VTFs and VMTs from the Tosselcap's Materials folder that corresponds to the style you want, then rename the VMTs to

"hockeymask_red.vmt" for Red Team and "hockeymask_blue.vmt" for Blu Team and place it in the 'team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\player\items\scout' folder.

- hockeymask_red_invert.vmt, hockeymask_blue_invert.vmt, hockeymask_invert.vtf - Inverted
- hockeymask_red_stripe.vmt, hockeymask_blue_stripe.vmt, hockeymask_stripe.vtf - Stripe
- hockeymask_red_teeth.vmt, hockeymask_blue_teeth.vmt, hockeymask_teeth.vtf - Psycho
- hockeymask_red.vmt, hockeymask_blue.vmt, hockeymask_base.vtf - Original

Thanks to Sparkwire for pointing out a major error I missed, thanks to Pfysicyst for many ideas, and thanks to Kane Hodder for just being a bad motherfucker! No one played Jason like you did, and

no one ever will!

* First release. Please report any bugs!

Two minutes for high sticking!

The Goon's Guard for the Scout by Kyle "Skunkrocker" Guthrie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
The legally binding code can be found below.
User Comments
Posted On: 06/24/11
This is a pretty cool hat, especially the solid white version, but it doesn't quuuiiiite look right on the Scout. I mean, he's not exactly the threatening stalker type. Looks pretty well made though, just my opinion. :P
Posted On: 06/24/11
Makes sense-- Didn't think of that.

Still, add more showcase pictures >.<
Posted On: 06/23/11
It's designed to allow the player to choose which hat they want to replace; there is an MDL for every Scout hat and many of the all class hats. For ease of use, this also includes the VMTs and VTFs for those replacements in the folders as well, so you get VMTs and VTFs for all the hats too. So you choose the folder of the item you want to replace (such as the Troublemaker's Tossel Cap, which has all four styles in it) and drop the contents in the /tf/ folder. Then, delete the rest if you want! This way, it prevents people from accidentally overwriting mods they already have installed and for people asking "Can you make this for random hat?" because it only replaced 1. :)
Posted On: 06/23/11
Four things:

1) Why is this 10mb zipped? 4 vtfs should be at a maximum of 4 mb. Hats should really only be 512x512 with compressed textures.
2) Wall of text in the description-- You should reserve the description area for describing the mod rather than putting a readme in it. Just make a .txt file as part of the download and make that the readme file.
3) There is an area specifically designed for the changelog.
4) More pictures!
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