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The Silent Assassin (Updated)

Provided by steamcard.me
3.1 MB
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The average rating of 100% is based on 12 votes

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Tired of the same old boring revolver? Looking for something that says "I like holding a long, hard phallic object in my hands"? Want a sexy gun to balance out all the realism of dead rabbit heads and magical glowing ponytails? Then search no further, this is The Silent Assassin.

A more appropriate name of course, would be "The Hastily Cobbled-Together Silver Ballin' Overcompensating Handgun of Blinged-out Shininess". Originally a cardboard scrunchie, it now includes ejecting shells, a world model, backpack icons and full custom sounds. Get lucky and you might actually fire the special armor-piercing crit round. Hint: Aim away from face.

Thanks to, uh... ME for the video! :P

Key Authors
Doktor Haus - porting, hacking, shell animations, sound mixing

Original Authors
Snark - model
Iceman - mesh, original skin
Enin - skin edit
!NC!Furious - ref, reskin, CSS compile
ManTuna - edits, sound fix
The_Fanciest_of_Pants - animations, rig
Strelok - reload sounds

Special Thanks
HellJumper - help with texture glitch

Feel free to use this in any way you want, just make sure to credit the authors of whichever components you use.
1.0 - Original release, no moving parts. The gun actually squashed together like a scrunchie when fired; not that anyone noticed. xD
1.1 - Added world model. Seriously, it took like five minutes. I don't understand why so many skins go without them.
1.2 - Didn't actually make LOD models, so removed LOD.
1.3 - Added sexy backpack icons and new reload sounds.
1.4 - Made the gun actually cloak.
1.5 - Added slide and clip animations and shell ejection.
Possible updates - A muzzleflash exclusively for this skin, not centering the viewmodel to the crosshairs.
User Comments
Posted On: 07/09/13
Well, when I cloak, it stays visible, and I know not how I might fix this. HALP MEH
Posted On: 04/30/13
AMAZING! by far the coolest re-skin I've ever seen WELL DONE!
Posted On: 02/11/12
Can you make it so that it replaces the Enforcer?
...Or tell me how to? I've never been a huge fan of the Enforcer's small, cute-little-gun kind of look.
Posted On: 01/20/12
I searched 'pony' on tf2mods.net and ended up here. Best. Reskin. Ever.
Posted On: 11/10/11
Ok, everyone. One person already commented on how it does not fit the art style you can stop now. I get it.
Posted On: 09/19/11
Here and there I love mroe realistic skins and models.
Especially the spy's weapons are too round, too "cute".
Great work! Sound is okay, could be abit better, but that's merely critique at the top.

And whenever you flamers dload a steampunk mod you don't cry, right?
Posted On: 06/24/11
Jesus christ, this is awesome! too bad I love my current Revolver skin
Posted On: 06/24/11

And just think: it wouldn't have been possible without your help. :D
Posted On: 06/24/11
It's goddamn awesome at this point.
Posted On: 06/24/11
Wow this is amazing i like how it dosent fit tf2
Posted On: 06/21/11
Send it my way when you're done.
If it's alright with you, I'd like to include it as an alternate texture choice. :3
Posted On: 06/20/11
if you don't mind doktor haus, im going to make a tf2 styled version for PERSONAL use, i will not release, unless you don't care.
Posted On: 06/19/11
Update: Added backpack icons and made the gun cloak. :3
Posted On: 06/18/11
Ahh thats alright then. Carry on my good man.
Posted On: 06/18/11
Update: Removed the LOD, as the gun was going invisible from a distance.

I understand what people are saying about the look, but I ported this because it was something I wanted to see, and released it publicly because I knew that at least some players would enjoy it. If I were submitting this to Valve then yes, I'd completely agree that it's out-of-place... but I'm not.
Posted On: 06/18/11
I don't care if the texture doesn't match TF2's style, this is a very well made model! And very cool, to boot.

What WOULD be sweet though is a reskin that makes it look like Duke Nukem's pistol XD
Posted On: 06/18/11
You might want to have a look at your positioning. It looks like spy is holding it too far down and sideways in his hand, so that the barrel is not on line with the crosshair.

And honestly, Doktor Haus, while it's a decent model/texture, it's completely unfitting to TF2. The model and the texture are both far too realistic. TF2's models have exaggerated proportions, and the textures are relatively undetailed and have subtle paint strokes to help keep it from looking bland.

While not a bad model, it's simply in the wrong game.
Posted On: 06/18/11
Yeah but the texture doesn't match the style.

You may not like the art style, but if your gonna make a TF2 weapon, you can at least TRY to make it fit the style. Because when i first saw this I thought it was a CSS model port. Just my two cents.
Posted On: 06/18/11
Oh, for God's sake. Try, just TRY to make a comment that isn't "doesn't fit TF2's style". I made this exactly because it DOESN'T fit TF2's, in my opinion, very drab stock revolver.
Posted On: 06/18/11
Too realistic, doesn't fit TF2 at all.
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