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The Uncontainable Reaction

Provided by steamcard.me
1.22 MB
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Hoy hoy.

Here I am again. Here's the melee slot for my Blazing Reaction Pyro Pack. I do hope you'll like it !

This .zip file include the powerjack and axtinguisher version. You can choose what you want. If you're not sure how to install it, feel free to read the .txt file.

As always, please report bugs so I can fix them. Also feedback are welcome :3
Soon for the whole pack

I'll soon publish on Gamebanana, dttcorp and tf2mods.net a complete pack including custom sounds for some weapons, killicons, backpack icons and every version possible (like the RIFT axe or the homewrecker). You can contact me for more info.

After that I think I'll take item request.
User Comments
Posted On: 06/17/11
Its all part of his big plan too take over the world. Don't ask how I know that.

Anyway really good work as always! My one complaint however is that silhoutte wise, it looks pretty simular to the Powerjack, so it could be difficult to tell them apart from a distance.
Posted On: 06/17/11
Holy crap, that's awesome!
Some jiggleboned lava or something would make me jizz.
I would love to see this ingame.
Posted On: 06/16/11
Successfully managed to take up all 4 weapon mod slots with Cbast stuff :P
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