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2D Item Icons

Provided by steamcard.me
19.48 MB
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Killicon-styled backpack icons.
Currently misses few icons (bundles and winter versions of key and crate) but i'm gonna fix it soon.
Thanks shugo for the idea
HERE is the old preview(somwhere from september 2010).

bonus wallpapers:

-Added Gift Warp, Pile'o'Gifts, The Spiral Sallet icons.
-Improved Reggaelator icons by request.
-Updated Ubersaw and Bonesaw icons to match other melees icons
-Added Uber Update icons
-Updated each Noisemaker icon with logo
-Updated Team Spirit icon.
-Updated Demo logo on token and Halloween bag to new one.
-Added Meet the Medic and Schadenfreude taunt icons
-Added Refreshing Summer Cooler icon
-Fixed one Misplaced and one Misnamed icon
-Added Summer Items Icons
-Fixed positioning on Fishcake
-Added Dr. Grordbort items
-Added Mask of the Shaman icon
-Updated Mask of Shaman icon
-Added Bethesda/id and RO2 promos icons
-Removed fix for teampaints icons, because Valve fixed it(that means just renamed some files)
-Added Deus Ex: HR and DOTA 2 promos
-Added Tropico 4 promo hat
-Added Killer Exculsive icon
-Added Tournament Medals icons
-Oops, forgot about Sticky Jumper when was making previous update :V
-Added Manniversary update icons.
User Comments
Posted On: 10/28/11
No pressure, but are you going to make icons for the new halloween update?
Posted On: 10/18/11
Updated with Manniversary icons.
Do not have Decal tool icon, because I don't have any ideas how to do it.
Posted On: 09/19/11
this is awesome
it should be official
nice work
Posted On: 09/18/11
Oops! Forgot to make Sticky Jumper icon in previous update.
here is only SJ icon so you can download only it without redownloading everything:
Posted On: 09/16/11
I love it.That's all I can say.
Posted On: 08/31/11
updated with Tropico 4 Promotion
Posted On: 08/24/11
~clap clap clap~ very fast response time. Good job my friend
Posted On: 08/22/11
Yay more delicious 2d icons!
Posted On: 08/22/11
Updated with DOTA2 and DeusEx icons.
no ETF2L/highlander/etc medals for today, i'll add them later(they still not given out, so whatever.).
also, sorry for late update, i just couldn't stop watching that DOTA2 tournament.
Posted On: 08/21/11
New Deus EX Weapons and Hats. Can't wait to see what you make the icons for that look like.
Do you have a website or some kind of way to get an alert when you update this?
Posted On: 08/03/11
They just updated the Shaman's Mask so the icon doesn't work anymore and added like 6 new promo items.
Your work is never really done, is it?
Anyways, great mod, keep up the good work, man.
Posted On: 07/30/11
New mask-thing? Man, I first saw it while I was screwing around in Gmod, and I was like "WTF Is this shit?"
Posted On: 07/21/11
Nevermind, it fixed itself. TF2's been wacking out all day. Anyways, thanks for the advice. When will you be able to add the new icons in? I'm dying to see a Vector Graphic of the new Muttonchops.
Posted On: 07/21/11
maybe sv_pure 1 or 2 server?
Posted On: 07/21/11
For some reason when I join a server, all the icons revert back to the original 3D ones. Maybe it's just the new Victory Pack making the game flip out, but if you get a chance, see if you could fix it and maybe add on the new items. Oh, and I love this pack a lot. Thanks a ton for releasing it, man.
Posted On: 07/19/11
@(LPG)The Omega Pyro
no, vector graphics
Posted On: 07/19/11
hand drawn?
Posted On: 07/02/11
Thanks, mate. This is EPIC.
Posted On: 07/02/11
I'm on it.
Posted On: 07/01/11
Needs new summer update items ^^
Posted On: 06/30/11
Ok thanks :)
Posted On: 06/30/11
I will start making mods icons by requests when i finish bundles
Posted On: 06/27/11
Can you make BP icons for this?
Posted On: 06/25/11
Uber Update is out :p Hoping for an update this month ;).
Posted On: 06/20/11
Posted On: 06/19/11
This is great, keep updating and I'll keep downloading.
Posted On: 06/18/11
some screenshots
1) http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/540645435734026828/D921274C1F212DA5A47B3CBCF9434556E4A0D10A/

2) http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/540645435734025909/AAD12752B69F0C83209C7B79CE06A68BA8ED672D/

3) http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/540645435734024873/2A37C81A851B1E95A67CE09DB90BE5F98C7352D8/
Posted On: 06/18/11
I like this...I like this, I like this ALOT.
Posted On: 06/15/11
Posted On: 06/15/11
I like it
Posted On: 06/15/11
Looks pretty neat.
Posted On: 06/14/11
Hope you can keep updating it when new items become avaliable
Posted On: 06/14/11
I like it, finish it up and I'll download for sure :)
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