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The Subterranean Sun

Provided by steamcard.me
1.36 MB
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This is the second item of my Blazing Reaction Pyro Pack which include the Cremator's Touch. It work as a remplacement for the Flare gun. It isn't team colored. I decided to keep it dark to fit with the theme (burning things and stuff). I hope you'll like it! Now I got to work on the melee slot.

User Comments
Posted On: 06/15/11
Aw, this is wicked! Too bad my weapon skins don't show properly anymore, otherwise I would totally download it.
Posted On: 06/13/11
Same! That BLU version looks really cool as well.
Posted On: 06/13/11
I'll gladly be your friend :D
Posted On: 06/12/11
Here : http://uppix.net/3/9/e/33e6dc3eee7a220f4412811853028.jpg
Both of you \o_. You two are friendly so adding both of you would be cool. :D
Posted On: 06/12/11
Ohh the team coloured one looks nice! Can we get a shot of the blue one?

BTW, which one of us were you talking too, Me or Helljumper?

Posted On: 06/12/11
Well, I got to agree for the darkness of this texture but I liked it in this way. However I'm making the teamcolored version, here's a preview : http://uppix.net/7/c/f/ef466ef42bd74db07dce454a47ad2.jpg

Moreover I got to accept your help ^^ I don't really know how to add a shell to reload. May I add you on steam ?
Posted On: 06/11/11
Just as the Colonel said, if you need help with body groups I'd be happy to help too! They aren't bad at all :D
Posted On: 06/10/11
Nice model, texture though looks pretty dark and saturated, and it deosn't really fit the style as well as the flamethrower. Also he isn't reloading anything.

If your having trouble getting the shell submodel to work I can PM you the .qc to get it working, if thats alright with you.
Posted On: 06/09/11
Looks great! One critique: He's not reloading anything :P
Posted On: 06/09/11
How cool is that?
Very cool.
Posted On: 06/09/11
Love it and will you make like a special hat or misc to go along with it?
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