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The Cremator's Touch (Hell's tokamak)

Provided by steamcard.me
1.49 MB
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The average rating of 92% is based on 12 votes

(11 Thumbs up vs 1 Thumbs Down)
Hey hey hey ! Here I am again with a new flamethrower for the pyro :3

This skin remplace the Degreaser. If peoples ask for a backburner version I would do one.
Let me know what you think ! I hope you'll enjoy it :3

(This is a reference to a Utsuho Reuiji Spellcard).

Vidéo :

User Comments
Posted On: 02/23/14
Hate to say it, but you tagged this as a scout weapon. Otherwise, great looking flamethrower.
Posted On: 11/05/11
you should make a backburner one because i like the back burner more then the degreaser
Posted On: 06/20/11
My bad. It seems I made a mistake into the readme and it could be the reason of your problems.

I said :

Put "tf" folder from the .zip into the "team fortress 2" folder in

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<Account Name>\

But it's not really clear, I should have simply said :

Put "tf" folder from the .zip into

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<Account Name>\team fortress 2\
Posted On: 06/15/11
@ Irving, eh?
I've been having troubles with skins not showing up too.
This looks awesome. At first I thought it was a reference to the Half Life 2 beta enemy, the Cremator, but I guess not.
Posted On: 06/08/11
While I love this, am I the only one having issues with visibility even on sv_pure 0 servers? Followed instructions to the letter.
Posted On: 06/05/11
thats epic...........GOD DAMN EPIC.
Posted On: 06/04/11
CBast stuff?
So really well made original stuff?
Posted On: 06/04/11
CBast Stuff. That should be a term.
Great work, as I said before :)
Posted On: 06/04/11
yay more CBast stuff!
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