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Mod Details

The Triferno

Provided by steamcard.me
4.32 MB
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New! Replaces the Detonator now (and the flaregun).

A tri-barreled flaregun.

5,656 tris at full detail with 3 additional LODs which brings it down to 1,692.
(Recently updated the tri count because I forgot that the cloak parameter doubles the tri-count reading)

Initial Release

Added new "style" to the gun: brass colored (non-team colored)

Re-linked the texture to be called "c_triferno.vtf" for the brass version
Fixed a slight vertex issue with the brass version
Fixed the last LOD with the brass version

This mod can now replace either the detonator or the flaregun (or both)

Mod updated for new Steam Pipe system (uses vpks).
User Comments
Posted On: 07/18/11
Been looking for a good detonator replacement, and this good sir has done it! I simply love this skin.
Posted On: 06/24/11
@EksCelle I'll try. And thanks!
Posted On: 06/24/11
This should be a skin of the new Detonator. If you make it a skin, I'll download it. It's beautiful.
Posted On: 06/16/11
Colonel-- I think you are right, although it may just be the screenshot doing the model a disfavor. Then again, the default flaregun is pretty smooth and I wanted to keep a texture density consistency between the flaregun and triferno.
Posted On: 06/16/11
Loving the new style, however I believe it could use a few extra darker brush strokes, like on the actual brass beast.
Posted On: 06/06/11
It's a skin of the flaregun.

I'm not here to edit gameplay mechanics, just to provide a model for Valve to potentially use. It doesn't necessarily have to be the model for the detonator, it could be for another flaregun Valve had in mind.
Posted On: 06/06/11
It's a nice model, but I don't think it'll get in as a flare detonator model... It has 3 barrels when all it does is shoot our one flare...
Posted On: 06/06/11
Thanks again everyone!

@Flare, I have sent this in to Valve, yes. I have a summer class right now that takes up my week, but on the weekend I'm going to alter the texture to make it brass (keeping the red/blue version as well). I'm going to update the download to include both versions so that players can use either one and see which one they like better. Lots of people told me to give the handle a brass color rather than a team-based color, so I'll let people have both version so they can see which one they like more. Thanks for the nice comment, by the way!
Posted On: 06/06/11
This, is very good, I know this may be a stupid question, BUT have you summited this to valve yet?

Anyway, this is very nice, I actually would prefer something like this than say a COMBUSTIBLE LEMON launcher that many people have suggest on SPUF, when portal 2 was released.
Posted On: 06/04/11
That thing's impressive, HellJumper.
Great job.
Posted On: 06/04/11
Really cool stuff HellJumper ! I wish it get added to the game !
Posted On: 06/04/11
I use FRAPS and I recommend it. It's $28 when I bought it almost 2 years ago and they keep updating it for free! It's a fairly amazing piece of software.
Posted On: 06/04/11
BTW what screen recording software do you use? Because I've tried a few free ones and they all SUCK!
Posted On: 06/04/11
Thanks you guys :)
Posted On: 06/03/11
This should be the model for the Detonator in the beta if it does get released in the final game. :D
I'm using this for the beta.
Posted On: 06/03/11
Ahhh man, I was doing my own Flaregun >:-(

Nah Just Kidding, looking Good Helljumper!
Posted On: 06/03/11
this is cool. this should be real.
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