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Mod Details

The Clever Girl

Provided by steamcard.me
1.05 MB
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The average rating of 94% is based on 18 votes

(17 Thumbs up vs 1 Thumbs Down)
Muldoon you poor bastard. Includes custom animations and jigglebones.

Replaces the default sniper rifle.
User Comments
Posted On: 01/23/14
Nice weapon there mate, please update the reloading animation asap!
Posted On: 06/23/13
Needs jiggle bones for the hanging crocodile tooth.
Posted On: 02/16/13
What?You want to fap, you know it.
Posted On: 12/16/11
Did you ever make a Twilight Sparkle themed version of The Clever Girl? Cuz I got one
Posted On: 11/13/11
what is the map your using, it interests me
Posted On: 11/12/11
it need to fit his hands a little better, i use this skin, its to good not to fit the hands.
Posted On: 11/11/11
oh man, i love the way this looks, its totaly epic, but i dont use the sniper much, i wish it was for machina or sydney :c
Posted On: 10/23/11
This may very well be the best weapon mod that I have ever downloaded. I adore how well done the jigglebones are and the subtle swaying motion of the rifle when standing still, although with that said, there is one problem about said animations when standing still . When I use the rifle in offline practice and the item-test map, the swaying motions of the rifle are withought flaws, but when I join online servers, the rifle just keeps repeating a fraction of the animation thus making it jerk repeatedly.
Posted On: 10/18/11
I love this rifle, and cannot wait to see it implimented into the game. The action for the bolt is fantastic and my favorite by far of any model I've had. I've only got one complaint, when I'm unscoped the gun does this weird forward twitch and I'm not quite sure how to make it stop.
Posted On: 07/18/11
Ah drat, was hopin it was for the sleeper. Now i cant decide which sniper skin i love more D:
Posted On: 07/11/11


Seriously though, I'd see this getting mini crit or full crit on Spies, Heavies, and Scouts.
Posted On: 06/07/11
Wonderful Model and Skin, by far my favourite Sniper mod.

If I had to give some constructive criticism I'd say the animations and the the jiggle bones have a little ways to go yet.

The reloading animation seems to cut back to the default position at the end rather than return to it naturally and is a bit to 'movey' on the whole compared to other more subtle and fluid tf2 animations. I wouldn't normally pick up on something like this as much as I did were it not for the Sniper rifle being reloaded after every shot unlike other weapons, having a larger animation can be jarring if it is happening constantly, or at least it is for me.

I realise this is a different type of rifle to the default and thus reloads differently, but I feel the sniper, experienced as he is would be reloading as smoothly and as efficiently as possible with minimum unnecessary movement.

I love the trophy fang and the material wrapped around the scope but at the moment their jiggling is a bit unnatural and, again, a bit too much. I feel a more gentle swaying movement would vastly improve this weapon. As it is I can imagine this putting off using this eventually (that said I can only imagine how complicated and annoying it is to get jiggle physics to obey you).

To reiterate, this really is top notch work, you are clearly very talented and imaginative and I look forward to more stuff from you. Thank you for making such a cool weapon. It is my favourite Sniper rifle mod and if you could iron out those kinks would (in my opinion) be perfect.

I would love valve to introduce this as a sort of 'Pro' rifle weapon, which in contrast to the Sydney Sleeper, rewards and encourages going for head-shots.
Posted On: 05/31/11
It's fantastic! I LOVE IT! However, for a new version could you add jigglebones to the rag and string holding the tooth? it seems weird to have them floating like that...
Posted On: 05/31/11
Wow, this thing is very well made.
I'd love to use it but mods seem to make my game unstable.
It'd be awesome to see it get in the game officially, though!
Posted On: 05/31/11
1. It's a very awesome looking sniper model and its well made. Way more realistic and more detailed than the default model.
2. It matches the TF2 art style and in no way is out of place with the cartoony vibe. It looks like it could be any new weapon for the sniper made by valve.
3. Matches with the snipers former time in The Australian outback where he hunted dangerous wildlife and learned things from the natives.
Overall it is a must-have and should be downloaded by many.
Posted On: 05/30/11
It's here!
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