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Mod Details

The Highland Howitzer

Provided by steamcard.me
2.82 MB
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The average rating of 99% is based on 76 votes

(75 Thumbs up vs 1 Thumbs Down)
This is a sticky launcher model that borrows from various different machine guns (mainly the M60) and artillery pieces. It replaces the Scottish Resistance and Sticky Jumper models and includes LODs and backpack icons.

Installation Instructions
The zip file contains a number of .vpk files named in the following format:


Place those with the names of the item(s) you wish to replace inside your tf\custom folder, the default locations are:

32 bit Windows
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\custom

64 bit Windows
C:\Program Files x86\Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\custom

To remove the mod delete the appropriate [name].vpk file and the [name].vpk.sound.cache file.

Note About Conflicts
If you have multiple vpk files which are used to mod the same files (e.g. 2 mods for the same weapon model) then the vpk which is first alphabetically will be the one used by the game. Be sure to remove vpk files when switching between mods to avoid issues like this.

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01 May 2013 - 1.4
- Repacked into .vpk files
- Retired Stickybomb Launcher version due to festive/botkiller incompatibilities

28th Dec 2011
- Fixed a viewmodel bug with the Stickybomb Launcher version that was introduced with Australian Christmas 2011

6th Oct 2011
- By request: Added a version that replaces the Sticky Jumper's now separate model.

8th May 2011
- Fixed the V model of the Sticky Launcher version pointing to an old texture location.
User Comments
Posted On: 04/19/15
make one for quickiebomb launcher and stock
Posted On: 04/19/15
Team neutral version is gone. Please put it back, the team-colored case is ugly IMO.
Posted On: 06/24/13
burger boi my stiky jumper looks awesome now
Posted On: 03/15/13
why you dont make the version of it as a sticky machine gun
Posted On: 02/18/13
won emosewa skool repmuj eikcits ym (read it backwards)
Posted On: 02/22/12
I am so going to recolor the Sticky Jumper to Team Spirit

Orange just looks....ugh

beautiful model
Posted On: 01/02/12
Oky version update not downlaoding :/
Posted On: 11/11/11
I got rid of all my other sticky launcher skins so i could use this for all the sticky launchers including the Scottish resistance and sticky jumper. Long story short, I LOVE IT!!! And I had no trouble installing it.
Posted On: 10/15/11
How is it breaking?
Can you see it in the loadout screen?
Can you see it in game?
Does it have black and purple textures?

I can't diagnose a fault without specifics, but if it simply isn't appearing in game then you may be playing on sv_pure servers that don't allow mods.
Posted On: 10/15/11
Followed the instructions and doesnt work >_<
Posted On: 10/15/11
Doesnt work >_<
Posted On: 10/02/11
You should also make a version for Sticky jumper.
Posted On: 07/18/11
FINALLY! a good scottish resistance replacement that isnt just a reskin or horribly done! Good job!
Posted On: 05/08/11
Now that is a FINE piece of work!
Posted On: 05/08/11
Wow, definitely the best sticky bomb launcher replacement yet. I hope you submitted or will submit this to Valve, I could definitely see it being a new weapon.
Posted On: 05/07/11
Looks amazing!
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